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Join The Adaptavist Group's ITSM experts at Atlassian Team ‘23

The Adaptavist Group at Team '23

Put IT and Enterprise Service Management at the heart of your digital transformation with The Adaptavist Group at Team '23

We’re back in Las Vegas for Atlassian's Team ‘23! But this time, we’re coming as The Adaptavist Group. For you, this is a huge advantage because our expertise in IT and Enterprise Service Management has been amplified. The new additions to The Adaptavist Group are Nimaworks and VenITure, who bring their own unique skills, knowledge, and experience that we will be showcasing throughout the event.

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Must-see talks with key insights

Regulated CMDB: When Failure is Not an Option (Live session)

Join Effie Bagourdi, ITSM Practice Lead at The Adaptavist Group, Vinesha D'Mello, Senior Customer Success Advocate at The Adaptavist Group and Demetris Papallis, Manager IT Governance & Strategy at Bank of Cyprus, to gain insights into how a solid ITIL model and CMDB structure is imperative for a successful IT service delivery and management. 

You’ll also learn how tools like ScriptRunner and Assets in Atlassian Jira Service Management can be utilised to enforce regularly scheduled application CIs, or ad-hoc revisions of specific attributes to remain audit compliant – a real-world use case on how to apply regulations on an ITSM CMDB functionality that is critical to business success.
20 April, 16:30 - 17:15 PDT, Venetian I

Confluence and Jira Service Management: The Ultimate Knowledge Management Duo (Digital experience session)

Phill Fox, Principal Customer Success Advocate at The Adaptavist Group joins Natalie Shaw, Knowledge and Production Manager from Nationwide Building Society to discuss how Nationwide partnered with Adaptavist to optimise service delivery whilst navigating a heavily regulated financial services environment and remaining compliant.

Discover how NBS and Adaptavist combined Jira Service Management and Confluence to propel knowledge management forwards to frontline teams, equipping them with easily accessible information to answer member queries accurately and in a timely manner.
25 April, 12:00 - 23:00 PDT 

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Meet with our ITSM experts

Are you looking for a modern ITSM solution that delivers true value to your customers? Do you need to optimise your existing ITSM solution to level up your service delivery performance? No matter how complex your requirements are, our team of ITSM specialists and thought leaders will be at Team ’23 waiting to answer your questions and provide insights on how you should approach building a solution that provides a service your customers will love. 

Meet and engage with our experts at Booth #4 or book a meeting

Effie Bagourdi - ITSM Practice Lead and Managing Director of Nimaworks

Effie has over 10 years of experience in IT Service Management, with a strong background in the financial services industry. She has a firm interest in team collaboration technology, IT and enterprise service management, automation, and digital transformation. As an Atlassian Certified Professional working with Atlassian products since 2009, Effie has worked with enterprise clients of all sectors, helping them unleash their full potential through a pragmatic approach.

Phill Fox - Principal Customer Success Advocate

With over three decades of experience across a number of different industries, Phill frequently works alongside organisations to assist them in making a culture change whilst introducing the Atlassian toolset. Phill wrote the original Atlassian University course ‘Getting started with Jira Service Desk’, and has assisted many organisations with implementations and customisations of the product.

Vinesha D'Mello - Senior Customer Success Advocate

Vinesha has been working in the information technology space for close to 15 years, with over a decade’s experience in the Atlassian ecosystem. She works with organisations across various industries to strategise, design, and transform their processes and tools, adopt change, and scale. Vinesha is passionate about working with technical and non-technical teams, understanding their unique needs and identifying solutions that work best for them, as no one-size-fits-all.

Don’t miss out on all of our exclusive activities at Team ‘23. Follow the link below to find out more, we look forward to meeting with you!

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