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Atlassian Team '23

Atlassian Team '23

Join us at Team '23 and take your teamwork to the next level!

18 April 4PM - 21 April 12AM UTC The Venetian Resort, 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109, Las Vegas, United States

About the event

As a Strategic Sponsor of this year's Atlassian Team, come and join us from 18-20 April 2023 at The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas. Team '23 is the ultimate teamwork experience and Atlassian's flagship conference. With an exciting lineup of keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, and interactive sessions, you'll learn about the latest trends and innovations in ITSM, work management, DevOps, and agile.

Connect with industry leaders, innovators, and thought leaders from around the world at this exciting event and don't miss a range of engaging sessions from The Adaptavist Group, both in person and virtually. Visit us and meet our experts at our booth (Booth No. 4), who will be on hand to answer your questions, demonstrate our solutions, and help you discover how you can boost collaboration and productivity within your teams.

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Adaptavist Team '23 Sessions Live in Las Vegas

Get insights and learn from our experts and customers through our numerous live speaking sessions throughout Team ’23.

  • Speaker: Jon Kern, Digital Transformation Consultant and co-author of the Agile Manifesto | The Adaptavist Group

    When and where: Tuesday April 18, 6:15pm - 6:30pm, Theater B, The Venetian


    More process and a larger tool stack is not a panacea to help your team perform as you scale. You need to kick butt as an agile team in the small before you can scale. In this talk, learn about the foundations necessary to be an effective agile team. See how Confluence and Jira can support high-performing teams. This talk is not for high-performing companies with multiple agile teams. But if you’re struggling, have more work than you can do, or onboarding more teams than you can handle, join in! Key takeaways - How to use Confluence and Jira to support building a culture of high-performing teams - The foundations you need in place so you can scale, be effective, and go at a sustainable fast pace - Tips and tricks for doing just enough requirements gathering, problem domain modelling, UX design, architecture, test automation, and DevOps

    Track: Agile & DevOps

  • Speakers:

    • Samsoor Hemat, Group CEO of venITure | Part of The Adaptavist Group

    When and where: Thursday April 20, 3:15pm - 4:00pm, Venetian C&D, The Venetian


    Chaotic structures, no overview, and constantly changing requirements — recognize any of these issues in your company? Us, too. Learn how we solved them with the Atlassian Platform in the cloud.

    Track: Open work management

  • Speaker: Bobby Bailey, Customer Success | The Adaptavist Group

    When and where: Thursday April 20, 12:15pm - 12:30pm, Marketplace Theater, The Venetian


    Unlock new customisation powers with Behaviours on Cloud. The latest feature of ScriptRunner allows you to conditionally change how fields behave when someone creates a new Jira issue. Join Customer Success Manager Bobby Bailey to learn how to apply ‘if-then’ conditions on the issue create screen and gain control over both system and custom fields. Explore new ways to align Jira with your business rules and enable your teams to create issues more efficiently. ScriptRunner is here to make your life easier and it brought a friend - imagine having Batman and Robin on your team!

  • Speaker: Dylan Lindsay

    When and where: Thursday April 20, 1:00pm - 1:45pm, Lunch & Learn B, The Venetian


    The way we work has evolved rapidly over the past three years. Teams have become remote, new systems and processes have emerged, and knowledge is being shared in radically different ways. Join us over lunch to unpack how product teams in Adaptavist have responded to these changes. Learn what’s worked for us and what hasn’t - and share your thoughts on topics like team alignment, task- and context-switching, and the next wave of evolution in this space.

  • Speakers:

    • Effie Bagourdi, Managing Director of Nimaworks | Part of The Adaptavist Group
    • Vinesha D'Mello, Senior Pre-sales Consultant | The Adaptavist Group
    • Demetris Papallis, Manager of IT Governance | Bank of Cyprus

    When and where: Thursday April 20, 4:30pm - 5:15pm, Venetian I , The Venetian


    Join The Adaptavist Group and Bank of Cyprus to get insights on how a solid ITIL model and CMDB structure is imperative for a successful IT service delivery & management. You’ll also learn how tools like ScriptRunner and Assets in Atlassian JSM were utilized to enforce regularly scheduled application CIs, or adhoc revisions of specific attributes to remain audit compliant – a real-world use case on how to apply regulations on an ITSM CMDB functionality that is critical to business success.

    Track: ITSM

  • Speakers:

    • Henrik Pies, Head of Application, SVP | Giesecke+Devrient Group Services
    • Samsoor Hemat, Group CEO of venITure | Part of The Adaptavist Group
    • Isabel Schick, Enterprise Advocate | Atlassian

    When and where: Thursday April 20, 4:30pm - 5:15pm, Venetian C&D, The Venetian


    For 170 years, the G+D Group has been a trusted partner for securing values. This session is about how Atlassian enables G+D to collaborate across different entities despite operating in a high security environment. We'll explore use cases, how to's, and best practices from different teams to showcase how every Atlassian product within the ELA serves a need of the business and how G+D’s agile transformation and collaboration is possible for you on both Data Center and Cloud.

    Track: Agile & DevOps

Adaptavist Team '23 Digital Experience Sessions

Don't miss out our on-demand sessions on DevOps and open work management tracks

  • Speaker: Michael Maheu, General Manager & Co-Founder of Venue DevOps | The Adaptavist Group


    In this session, Mike will give a technical walkthrough of a fully-automated DevOps platform that runs on Atlassian and your choice of cloud. The tools, frameworks, & automation applied to and integrated with Atlassian applications are what take this platform to the next level. You will learn how the platform leverages Atlassian tools along with automation via Prometheus and other tools and frameworks. You will get insights on real-world examples based on the use of the DevOps platform.

  • Speakers:

    • Phill Fox, Principal Customer Success Advocate | The Adaptavist Group
    • Natalie Shaw, Knowledge and Production Manager | Nationwide Building Society


    Knowledge management is power. The ability to share timely, accurate information across your organization is crucial to business success, yet many teams forget or struggle to incorporate this key practice into their service management strategy. Join this session to learn how the powerful combination of Confluence and Jira Service Management can help modern enterprises facilitate knowledge sharing to seamlessly put critical information at their team’s fingertips.

    Track: Open work management

APP DAY '23 presents Stand-APP Night Special

Join us for an evening of fun, discovery and learning

April 18, 7pm - 11pm

Mercato della Pescheria, The Venetian Resort

Meet the experts and creators of your favorite Atlassian Marketplace apps in one place during Team '23! Our experts from ScriptRunner, Kolekti, and Adaptavist, together with other app makers, will be there at this fun night of networking, food, and drinks, sharing helpful best practices, tactical how-tos (app demos), and innovative ways to maximize your app's potential.

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The Adaptavist Group Party

The wait is over! Join us at The Venetian for an evening of chill and celebration during Atlassian Team '23.

April 19 | 7pm

The Palazzo Pools, The Venetian Resort

We know attending conferences can be thirsty work! Come join us and have a few cocktails to relax and celebrate the last few days in Vegas.

Raising money for Ukraine

Around 17 million people in Ukraine are still in need of humanitarian assistance. The Adaptavist Group supports aid missions to help rebuild communities devastated by conflict. Your donation helps to sustain life in the affected Ukrainian cities. Donate today through our fund raising JustGiving page.

To reserve your spot for the party, please contact your account managers or sales executive.

The Adaptavist Group Pop-up Event

The Adaptavist Group Pop-up event features lightning talks, interactive sessions and conversations with experts and visionaries from across The Adaptavist Group.  Engage with Adaptavist's leading IT experts through live presentations, Genius Bar for your favorite apps,  and 1-1 meetings to discover answers to your business and technical challenges. Experience an atmosphere of learning and discovery through continued conversations and more opportunities to expand your network.

Lightning Talks and Sessions

  • Streamlining ScriptRunner migration to Cloud: tools and tips for success, presented
  • A first look at Guided Pathways for Confluence
  • Major ScriptRunner innovation: a new, quicker way to define your automations
  • The Adaptavist Group: agile and DevOps fireside chat
  • Stitch It: a fire side chat with the team behind the new Atlassian integration
  • 5 minute challenge with Content Formatting Macros for Confluence
  • Hierarchy for Jira
  • Getting the most out of your integration between Jira/JIra Align
  • Jira Align admin Q and A
  • Workflow Steps: Supercharge your Jira Workflows in Slack
  • Cloud native DevOps
  • The dos and don'ts of scaling agile with high performing teams
  • Introducing Venue DevOps
  • and more
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