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Going beyond incident management with Adaptavist Assist

Going beyond incident management with Adaptavist Assist
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Going beyond incident management with Adaptavist Assist

Properly managing your Atlassian instances day-to-day is the key to making sure that teams across your business get the most from your technology. 

It also helps ensure that your tools are easy to use, which keeps your users happy. And it's no secret that happy users equal productive users.

This is why we decided to launch Adaptavist Assist. Assist offers expert, on-demand Jira and Confluence administration as a service, and enables admin teams to iron out efficiencies, scale their tools and tackle any issues affecting performance. 

When talking to our customers about Adaptavist Assist, however, we often find ourselves faced with the question: "How is Assist different to Atlassian Premier Support?"

The answer is relatively simple: while on the surface the two offerings may look similar, the reality is that they are fundamentally different. After all, not all support offerings are created equal. 

Let's take a closer look.

How Atlassian Premier Support works

As its name suggests, Atlassian Premier Support is Atlassian's highest level of support for enterprises. It's designed to deliver higher SLAs, faster triage and quicker resolutions to issues and bugs affecting the performance of your tools.

When you raise a request, Atlassian Premier Support gives you access to senior support engineers, who help explain why something might be wrong and offer advice and potential approaches you might take to try and fix it. 

What Premier Support engineers don't do, however, is go into your instance and address the problem directly — it's up to you to implement these recommendations.

Let's take an example: you have a fairly extensive list of changes that need to be made to a number of Jira projects and Confluence spaces, but they have to wait because something has gone wrong: Jira has slowed to a crawl.

Atlassian Premier Support will be able to help determine the cause of the slowdown and instruct you on how to resolve it. During this time, however, you have to field questions about the situation from both the Atlassian Premier Support team and your internal users. The slowdown is resolved, but you were in the thick of it, and your list of Jira and Confluence admin tasks is sadly neglected and will have to wait for another day.

Hands-on, tactical issue management 

The Assist approach is different.

In addition to tackling performance-sapping bugs and emergencies, Assist simultaneously manages the essential everyday admin that can take up your team's time. 

Let's go back to the above example. As an Assist customer, our admins would already be working through your configuration changes list when the Jira slowdown hits. When we receive the ticket detailing the performance issue, we temporarily stop working on the changes and spring into action to get Jira back up to speed. This frees you up to communicate about the issue and do whatever else you need to that day. Once we've fixed the issue, we'll return to making those configuration changes, ensuring that your tools are working for your users.

In short, when you raise a ticket to the Assist service desk, you're lodging it with an experienced Atlassian admin who conducts the work for you. Rather than consulting on what might work, we take full control of fixing your problem, going into your instance to diagnose issues and execute changes on your behalf until the issue is fixed.

And unlike Atlassian Premier Support, there's minimal back and forth required in order to solve issues — you simply leave us to get to the bottom of things.

The Assist difference

But that's not all there is to it — thanks to the Adaptavist Assistant, choosing the issues you'd like the Assist team to address couldn't be simpler.

This Marketplace app gives you the ability to instantly send your service desk tickets to the Assist team simply by clicking an orange button. There's no need to leave your instance and log in to an external portal and duplicate tickets, leaving your team with more time to get on with line of business.

What's more, Assist tickets are worked on based on tight SLAs, and priority issues will be responded to within just 15 minutes. And speaking of Jira slowdowns, our team are also on hand to offer an instant health check of your instance to ensure it's running as well as it should be. 

In summary, Assist isn't only there for when disaster strikes  — our team manages your essential daily admin and supports you with general questions around usage and operations across your Atlassian stack. That means more time for you and your team and tool  performance that keeps everyone happy and productive. 

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