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Data transferring from one ITSM solution to another

Things I wish I knew before changing ITSM solutions

Save time and money by avoiding common pitfalls organisations face when changing ITSM solutions.

In this event we cover:

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    How the accelerated adoption of ITSM tools over the past few years has resulted in a rise in tool dissatisfaction

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    Reasons why you should consider changing your ITSM solution

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    Considerations and options when changing ITSM tools

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    Our expert advice on what you must know before changing ITSM solutions, from our experience of delivering projects for customers

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Research shows a staggering 40% of organisations either replacing or will replace their tool.

Over the past few years, the ITSM industry has seen a huge growth in the adoption of ITSM tools for many reasons, such as organisations having to adapt to new ways of working due to an increased demand for remote working opportunities. Resulting in the physical, office-based service desks transforming into digital service management solutions.

Many organisations are now in a challenging position. The tools they selected a few years ago are not meeting expectations and cannot deal with the increased demand being put on IT teams because considerations concerning the wider ITSM practice and frameworks were not applied. Instead, there was a significant focus on which tool to choose, resulting in tools that are unable to adapt to the changing requirements of IT teams and their customers.

In this webinar, our ITSM experts, Stephen Laurin, Senior Business Consultant and Phill Fox, Principal Customer Success Advocate, will provide you with insights on real-life projects with customers who wished they knew more about switching ITSM tools before taking the leap.

Event hosts and guests:

Stephen Laurin

Stephen Laurin

Senior Business Consultant
With extensive experience in business consulting, Stephen has assisted many organisations of various sizes in implementing and improving their ITSM and/or ESM practices. Stephen excels at navigating complex implementations in the Atlassian ecosystem, with a primary focus on practicality and efficiency.

Rich Blunt

Rich Blunt

Having worked for meany years in the ITSM and ESM industry Rich has seen the good, the bad and the ugliest ways to work, He uses this experience and knowledge of the Atlassian ecosystem to work with customers to avoid the many pitfalls of service management, to provide the best solutions to customers problems and challenges.