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The power of ITSM and ESM in an uncertain economy

The power of ITSM and ESM in an uncertain economy

Discover what it takes to continue to deliver a service your customers expect, with the true power of IT and Enterprise Service Management, whilst navigating an uncertain economy.

Watch this webinar to find out why ITSM and ESM should be a priority during economic uncertainty.

In this event we cover:

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    The current challenges many organisations are experiencing.

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    Knowing when your current Service Management setup is no longer suitable.

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    What a modern Service Management solution looks like.

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    Why harnessing the full power of a modern Service Management solution is crucial for your organisation in turbulent times.

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    Steps to gaining a modern solution.

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Harness the true power of your IT and Enterprise Service Management

There was a time Service Management was perceived to be a ‘nice to have’ and was not a high priority for senior management. A combination of customer expectations and departments within the organisation being summoned to more closely align with the wider organisation's goals has spiked interest in the pivotal role ITSM, and more recently ESM, play in ensuring organisations can not only deliver business as usual but also continue to maximise operations when external factors disrupt operations. Many organisations are also facing the challenge of being asked to “do more with less”, to address the financial challenges of operating in disrupted markets

With the state of many economies in turmoil, teams across organisations are looking for ways to maximise their service delivery performance in this period of uncertainty. Many organisations are experiencing significant change, so having a modern ITSM and ESM solution that is agile, to adapt at speed to whichever direction your organisation needs to pivot to, is critical. 

This is an opportunity to take a more holistic approach–not just focussing on the tool, but creating a shift in culture, upskilling existing staff and clearly identifying your value streams in addition to understanding the impact of bad service management on your organisation.

Join the discussion with Adaptavist's ITSM and ESM Senior Principal Consultants Phill Fox and Richard Crampton to explore the role IT and Enterprise Service Management will play to ensure your teams can continue to deliver the services their customers expect.

Event hosts and guests:

Phill Fox

Phill Fox

Principal Customer Success Advocate
With over three decades of experience across a number of different industries Phill frequently works alongside organisations to assist them in making a culture change whilst introducing the Atlassian toolset. Phill wrote the original Atlassian University course ‘Getting started with Jira Service Desk’ and has assisted many organisations with implementations and customisations of the product.

Richard Crampton

Richard Crampton

Solution Sales Specialist 
Richard has a technical consultancy background in Agile Development and Service Management disciplines, and has delivered Enterprise Service Management solutions to clients worldwide, aligned to ITIL principles. Richard also contributed in writing the exam questions for Atlassian’s own Service Management certification, ACP-400.