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SITS Webinar 28 May 11am - Your invitation to an exclusive webinar in conjunction with Adaptavist

SITS Webinar - Value Streams and their delivery with Atlassian's Jira family

Join Us for an Exclusive Webinar on Value Stream Delivery with Atlassian's Jira Family!

28 May 10AM - 27 May 11PM UTC

We're thrilled to announce an insightful webinar hosted by SITS, in collaboration with Adaptavist, featuring our very own Phill Fox, Principal Customer Success Advocate at Adaptavist.

Topic: Value Streams and their delivery with Atlassian's Jira family
In an increasingly competitive world, delivering value to your customers is crucial and often what differentiates your services from those of your competitors. Therefore, delivering value plays a pivotal role in both acquiring and retaining your customers.

During this webinar, we'll delve into how you can effectively build the end-to-end process of your value streams, from the initial concept right through to delivering them to your customers. We'll also suggest the right tools for the job.

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Event hosts and guests:

Phill Fox

Phill Fox

Principal Customer Success Advocate
With over three decades of experience across a number of different industries Phill frequently works alongside organisations to assist them in making a culture change whilst introducing the Atlassian toolset. Phill wrote the original Atlassian University course ā€˜Getting started with Jira Service Deskā€™ and has assisted many organisations with implementations and customisations of the product.