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Developing an agile organisation

Developing an agile organisation

What does it take to develop a truly agile organisation and why should you care as a leader?

In this event we cover:

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    Adapting to change: How developing the social network and patterns of conversation in your teams helps build organisational agility.

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    Improving time to value: Looking at your normal, day-to-day work through a new lens to unlock more value from the things you are already doing.

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    Unlocking collaboration: Practical examples of how to solve complex problems cross-functionally, putting collaboration at the heart of what you do.

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What's the key to developing organisational agility?

Developing an agile organisation lays out the why, what, and how of organisational culture and delivers concrete steps to improve interactions and strengthen teams while adapting to the challenges they face.

In 2019, our "Developing an agile mindset" presentation dove into the complexity of an individual's psychology and how that relates to the world of modern work.

In this follow-up, we take the research further, exploring how the interactions between individuals within organisations create the social structures that determine how well teams are able to deliver on their goals.

We explore a new hypothesis on employee engagement—getting to the core of how to ensure we create more opportunities for each of us to engage in joyous, meaningful work together.

If you'd like to to check out the prequel to this presentation, "Developing an agile mindset," you can do so here.

Event hosts and guests:

John Turley

John Turley

Senior Digital Transformation Consultant

John is a pragmatic leader with 25 years’ experience working in companies at all levels, from teams to c-suite, bringing concrete, value-adding change to the way organisations really work. Dissatisfied with the standard discourse around transformation and agility, he is passionate about applying cutting-edge knowledge from fields as diverse as complexity, sociology, and psychology in practical, proven ways that immediately increase productivity at the same time as embedding continuous learning in ways of working.