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Champion Hour Live Q&A: Can Jira Align help close the enterprise agility gap?

Champion Hour Live Q&A: Can Jira Align help close the enterprise agility gap?

Jira Align leads the enterprise agile planning tool pack, but what is its impact in practice in the real world? Three experts weigh in.

Tue, 13 Oct, 2pm - 3pm
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Business leadership and agile delivery teams tend to work in very different ways. This hinders large organisations' ability to innovate, and to compete.

Can Jira Align help bridge this gap?

Join Agile Manifesto co-author Jon Kern, Senior SAFe; SPC Consultant Rizwan Hasan, and Organisational Change Strategist Chad Goodgion for an open discussion on all things enterprise agile and Jira Align.

This trio of seasoned agile practitioners will bring their collective expertise to bear to help answer your burning questions - live!

The webinar takes place on Tue, 13 Oct, 3pm - 4pm BST (10am - 11am ET).

Event hosts and guests:

Jon Kern

Co-author of the Agile Manifesto for Software Development and a senior transformation consultant at Adaptavist. He works with (typically distributed) teams to articulate, design, architect, and deliver business value through software.

Chad Goodgion

An Organizational Change Strategist and Senior Solutions Engineer at Atlassian. He has been an Agile practitioner for over 12 years, and as an SPC 5 and CSP has been involved with leading many enterprise Agile transformations.

Rizwan Hasan

A SAFe® SPC-certified Senior Transformation Consultant at Adaptavist. His specialisations include Atlassian administration/configuration, Jira Align implementation, Atlassian SDLC Workflow Automation, Agile/Scaled Agile Methodology, and ITSM/ITIL/ITOSM/ESM to name a few.

In this event we cover:

  • Real-time answers to your questions on Jira Align and enterprise agility

  • Which enterprise agile planning tools are right for different kinds of teams and orgs

  • How Jira Align can work in practice to accelerate agility across an enterprise

  • Top strategy and implementation tips for incorporating Jira Align into an enterprise agile initiative

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