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itSMF UK Sector Spotlight: next steps for ITSM in the financial services industry

itSMF UK Sector Spotlight: next steps for ITSM in the financial services industry

Are you ready to dive into the world of Service Management and discover innovative approaches to optimise your IT processes? Look no further than the upcoming webinar hosted by itSMF UK. We are thrilled that Effie, one of our leading experts in the field, will be sharing her invaluable insights and experiences with you.

What to expect

itSMF's latest Sector Spotlight focuses on key issues and challenges confronting banks and building societies as they fine-tune their ITIL 4 services in an agile, cloud-based world.

You'll hear three featured stories – rebuilding a CMDB, adapting an accounting model for cloud-based services, and embracing a new ITIL 4 based payments landscape – you'll hear about service management in the front line, adopting and adapting essential new practices while maintaining the existing mission-critical infrastructure.

The Adaptavist Group's Session

Delivering security and compliance via ITSM solutions in the financial services sector – Effie Bagourdi, Nimaworks, part of The Adaptavist Group

While IT leaders recognise the growing importance of providing robust, seamless IT services and innovative solutions for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, they also need to ensure security and remain compliant with strict regulatory controls. In this session, we will share insights into how a solid ITIL model and a CMDB structure are imperative for successful IT service delivery and management in highly regulated environments.

About Effie

Effie Bagourdi has over 10 years of IT Service Management experience and a strong background in the financial services industry. She is interested in team collaboration technology, IT and enterprise service management, automation, and digital transformation. As an Atlassian Certified Professional working with Atlassian products since 2009, Effie has worked with enterprise clients of all sectors, helping them unleash their full potential through a pragmatic approach. Effie is the ITSM Practice Lead at the Adaptavist Group and Managing Director at Nimaworks, The Adaptavist Group's ITSM-focused business unit.

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