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Accelerate your digital transformation with ESM.

Accelerate your digital transformation with ESM

This webinar will show you the benefits of shifting from ITSM to ESM practices, and the importance of being able to scale while remaining agile and competitive—all while meeting your digital transformation goals.

In this event we cover:

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    The difference between ITSM, high-velocity service management, and ESM.

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    The role of service management within digital transformation, and how it fits with other principles and strategies such as Agile-at-Scale and DevOps.

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    Practical “how to advice” on delivering value by improving service management processes.

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    How to apply existing ITSM capabilities as a foundation for ESM adoption.

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    The best way to optimise value stream delivery from Jira Service Management.

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From ITSM to ESM

With expert advice from Adaptavist’s Phill Fox and Richard Crampton, this webinar will highlight the benefits of shifting from IT Service Management to Enterprise Service Management practices, and the importance of being able to scale, remain agile, and be competitive. 

Transitioning from ITSM to ESM to meet your digital transformation goals

In a time when radical change is business as usual, successful organisations have recognised that service management is a key driver for digital transformation. With ITIL® 4, the focus has been on closer integration between Agile-at-Scale, DevOps and transformation services with service management. Organisations and people, information and technology, value streams and processes, and partners and suppliers need to be aligned in order to deliver great products and services, and maximise value to realise business objectives.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how even the most complex organisations can transform and achieve advantage in a climate of constant change. 

Event hosts and guests:

Richard Crampton

Richard Crampton

Solution Sales Specialist 
Richard has a technical consultancy background in Agile Development and Service Management disciplines, and has delivered Enterprise Service Management solutions to clients worldwide, aligned to ITIL principles. Richard also contributed in writing the exam questions for Atlassian’s own Service Management certification, ACP-400.

Phill Fox

Phill Fox

Principal Customer Success Advocate
With over three decades of experience across a number of different industries Phill frequently works alongside organisations to assist them in making a culture change whilst introducing the Atlassian toolset. Phill wrote the original Atlassian University course ‘Getting started with Jira Service Desk’ and has assisted many organisations with implementations and customisations of the product.