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SAFe® implementation with Adaptavist and Easy Agile

Scaled agile doesn't have to be intimidating. At Adaptavist, we make sure it isn't.

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SAFe® helps 70% of the Fortune 100 connect strategy with execution.

From leadership to management to delivery, SAFe® helps entire organisations work leaner and smarter. You are here because you might have heard about our partnership with Easy Agile and how Adaptavist can bring together the right tools and framework to help enterprise teams transform at scale.

SAFe® Quick Start Platform

A platform as a service (PaaS) delivering a working full SAFe® environment based on Atlassian tools.

What to expect

  • Turnkey Adaptavist-hosted environment with sample data and access provided for up to 25 users
  • Guided review of your environment, configuration, data, and functionality for up to two hours
  • Reference documentation for the solution
  • Access for 30 days with options to extend
  • Up to four hours of additional configuration discussion
  • Weekly 'office hours' with a Certified SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) to discuss implementation hurdles or consider alternative configurations
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SAFe® Implementation With Atlassian Tools

The technical aspects of implementing SAFe® are complex. Our team of certified SPCs for Agile Release are here to help you and provide the technical guidance your team needs at this crucial time.

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What to expect

  • Turnkey SAFe® environment built for flexibility and scalability
  • Process optimisation via certified SPC and Atlassian expert consultants
  • Training and onboarding for users of the solution
  • Clarity and confidence from best-practice SAFe® and Atlassian tooling approaches
  • Minimal demand on internal staffing and resourcing

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SAFe® Agile at Scale Evaluation and Alignment

Missing the 'big picture' view of how Agile delivers value to your business? Wondering how Agile transformation drives efficiency and productivity? Our engaging workshop takes you through the implementation and adoption of SAFe®, making sure you get the most from Agile at scale.

What to expect

  • Ensure the tool and technology we implement truly serve your process needs
  • Guarantee seamless alignment of roles with process and tools
  • Improvement of integration and use of Jira Software/Jira Align within the organisation
  • Identification of areas needing further attention to deliver success of the transformation initiative
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SAFe® PI Planning Support

A pragmatic, adaptable implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise® based on Atlassian Jira Software and/or Jira Align tooling. Adaptavist SPC-certified consultants deliver a flexible best-practice toolset paired with expert training and processes consultation.

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What to expect

  • Support with Atlassian tools and processes during PI Planning
  • Ad-hoc coaching
  • Analysis for future improvement
  • Facilitation of post PI planning retrospective
  • Confidence in PI Plan for the development teams
  • Experience and skills gained for future PI planning events

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Jira Align Launchpad Programme

An end-to-end program to get 1–2 Agile Release Trains in a SAFe® organisation up and running successfully with Jira Align. Dive in and prove the value of the technology in a closely collaborative three-month engagement to achieve better alignment and faster results through Scaled Agile practices and Jira Align. We provide all the support you need for your Atlassian tools and processes during PI planning.

What to expect

  • Discovery, definition, scoping and planning
  • Assessment and optimisation of Jira for use at scale
  • Jira and Jira Align integration and configuration specific to your agile at scale implementation
  • Role-based tool training
  • Tool support and coaching before, during, and after quarterly planning event
  • Retrospective and next steps planning
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