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An introduction to agile goal setting using OKRs

An introduction to agile goal setting using OKRs

Start using OKRs with our introductory guide

This eBook introduces you to Objective Key Results (OKRs), a results-orientated goal-setting framework which works well to support your agile transformation.

You'll find the basics you need to start using OKRs, with easy-to-follow checklists, top tips, common mistakes to avoid, inspirational quotes, plus a brief history of OKRs.

Get your copy and you'll also discover why organisations of all sizes use OKRs to drive alignment, innovation, performance, and growth.

Key takeaways

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    Reasons why you should use OKRs in an agile environment.
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    At a glance comparison of OKRs vs KPIs.
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    How to implement OKRs in your organisation.
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    How to write objectives and key results.
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    How to easily share and measure progress with OKR software.
"Objectives and key results are the yin and yang of goal setting."
John Doerr, author of Measure What Matters

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