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How Adaptavist integrated Jira into the City of Reykjavik’s public grants system

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A case study about how Adaptavist helped integrate Jira into the City of Reykjavik’s public grants application system, making it more accurate, time-efficient, and better at communication.

About the customer

The City of Reykjavik is the local government authority for Iceland’s capital city. Their website provides the city’s residents access to portals for governance, housing, education, financial support, and other helpful public services information. The organisation works to improve the lives of the city’s residents, foster a sense of community, and promote sustainable development to make Reykjavik a better city to live in.

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    Industry: Public sector
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    Solution: Jira Service Management

The challenge

The City of Reykjavik wanted to modernise and improve their public grants application system. Applicants submit their applications using the system, and the data goes to grant specialists. The existing outdated version consisted of an Excel spreadsheet, forcing their team to manually repeat many tasks they wanted to automate while increasing the probability of human error. The spreadsheet could not provide a clear overview of the grant applications or the varying industries, demanding more time to sort and handle them manually. 

Other departments in the City of Reykjavik were already using the My Pages builder for their front-end development, so the grants team wanted to use it for ease of integration across the organisation. They needed a specialist tool for the back-end to replace Excel’s role in the application system.

The solution

As comprehensive Jira experts, Adaptavist matched Jira Service Management to best meet the City of Reykjavik’s needs. Several grant specialists had differing ideas of what they wanted, so Adaptavist’s tech lead had to consolidate varying expectations and multiple concepts into a single solution. 

There were tight deadlines and little project time, so Adaptavist had to complete the work rapidly. Our tech lead met with the team daily instead of weekly, prioritising the project to quicken development, ensuring everyone kept on top of daily tasks, and checking that the client was delighted with the project’s progress.

The results

Jira Service Management integrated with My Pages provided the following benefits to the City of Reykjavik:

  • An API ensures all information submitted by the applicant automatically goes into Jira within the right allocated custom fields.
  • Allowed grants specialists to contact the applicants directly through Jira.
  • Provided a valuable and clear overview of all the grant applicants’ industries, saving time for processing this data manually.
  • The applicants' histories and related applications could all be accessibly stored and quickly retrievable in a single place, a paramount feature for the public sector. 
  • The data quality improved, it was easier to work with, and the team could rest assured that the data was accurate.


Adaptavist’s deep expertise and usage of Jira made the integration project move rapidly and was completed to a very high standard. Now, the City of Reykjavik’s public grants application process is more transparent, provides accessible overviews, and makes contacting the applicants frictionless.

Adaptavist surpassed the City of Reykjavik’s expectations with dedicated project management and daily communication. The customers’ success with Jira has inspired them to expand their use of the tool. Its low learning curve and ease of use make training straightforward; many people in the organisation have now adopted the product and are integrating it into various projects. 

The City of Reykjavik applauds Adaptavist for our proactive approach, choosing the best talent for the project, holding daily meetings with the implementation team, updating stakeholders continuously, and creating a phenomenally successful solution. They would recommend Adaptavist as the ultimate Atlassian specialists.

Watch the video

Watch the video to see City of Reykjavik Project Manager, Salvör, and Digital Leader, Lara, discuss working with Adaptavist on their public grants application system.