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Adaptavist explores the Future of Automation

Adaptavist explores the Future of Automation
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Adaptavist explores the Future of Automation

Automation is sweeping through every industry, from factories to HR teams, revolutionising how we all work. Here at Adaptavist, we invest a significant amount of time and effort automating our workflows and creating apps to help others automate their manual tasks so they can focus on the bigger picture.

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To build for the future of automation, we needed to take stock of how employees currently use it in their daily work. We surveyed 500+ modern workers on how they currently use automation and their view on the impact it will have on the future of work.

We found that today’s workload is still highly manual, with more than one third (36%) of employees spending between 2-4 hours a day on manual tasks. The majority of workers are still spending a large part of their work day on repetitive tasks, which if automated, would free their time up to focus on tasks that require a human touch, more creativity and will ultimately help drive the industry forward.

Today's workers understand this, with 94% of respondents believing automation will increase productivity and 85% confident it will boost creativity and innovation in the workplace.

“From retail to rockets, car rental to finance, automation is paving the way for disruptive business models and new ways of working.  It is enabling teams to work faster, smarter, and gain a competitive advantage by being more agile in the face of disruption,” says Simon Haighton-Williams, Adaptavist CEO.

However, 92% of employees surveyed are concerned there is a skills deficit in their workplace, which is holding them back from embracing the full power of automation.

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