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JIRA Confluence integration delivers even more power

JIRA Confluence integration delivers even more power
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JIRA Confluence integration delivers even more power

To get the most out of the Atlassian toolset, we offer tailored knowledge transfer programs and one-to-one mentoring. In the Adaptavist Academy you'll also find a series of standalone modules enabling users to gain a solid and practical understanding of the core Atlassian products. In this article we focus on Jira Confluence Integration and what organisations should focus on when increasing their use of these tools.

Powerful double-act

When Jira (Atlassian's award-winning project tracking application) is combined with Confluence (its enterprise wiki tool), the two products form a powerful double-act to help development teams deliver exceptional products. Understanding just how Jira and Confluence operate together can revolutionise working practices with more seamlessly across projects and applications.

The Jira Confluence Integration course provides real-life scenarios and shows cross-functional teams how they can manage the whole development lifecycle using Jira, Jira agile and Confluence in conjunction with one another. Topics covered include setting up and linking Jira Projects and Confluence Spaces, creating Jira Issues without leaving Confluence, reporting on work taking place in Jira from Confluence and embedding Confluence content within Jira.

Getting hands-on

In our Jira Confluence Integration session project managers, business analysts, administrators and developers with experience of Jira and Confluence can work through hands-on training exercises using preconfigured and integrated instances of Jira and Confluence. The course follows the entire product lifecycle and demonstrates how using Jira and Confluence together keeps all team members in touch and engaged with the project and ensures they are better able to manage their workload, monitor progress and provide project-level reporting on tasks across the applications.

Attendees come away being able to make maximum use of Application Links, aka AppLinks, the specific plugin that allows users to link Jira, Confluence and other Atlassian applications such as Bamboo, Crucible and FishEye. Upon completing the Jira/Confluence Integration training, users will be empowered to take back what they have learned and work with their own projects and teams much more efficiently and effectively.

Adaptavist training and knowledge transfer capabilities

As an Atlassian Enterprise Expert, Adaptavist provides customers and partners with training to help them take full advantage of the power of the Atlassian toolset. We can deliver either structured or bespoke training onsite or via webinar. Courses range from introductory topics such Jira Essentials and Getting Started with Confluence, to Jira Administration, agile in Practice and a one-day Jira in the Enterprise workshop.

For more information about the Jira Confluence Integration course and the other Atlassian training we provide, contact Adaptavist Academy.

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