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Help readers navigate and consume your content with the best Confluence macros

Help readers navigate and consume your content with the best Confluence macros
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Help readers navigate and consume your content with the best Confluence macros

Three Content Formatting for Confluence macros that will improve your user experience.

Confluence makes it easy to organise and collaborate on content, but there are times when the amount of content you have begins to look and feel unwieldy. Content Formatting for Confluence is a collection of 37 macros that help easily structure content in Confluence and enhance reader flow.


Improve all kinds of content with these powerful Confluence macros

Whether it's an HR onboarding for new employees or a space that guides engineers through the development process at your company, straight-from-the-box Confluence sometimes limits how much you can design and guide the user through your content. So where do you turn when you need more? Content Formatting for Confluence. Let's take a look at the three of the most powerful macros.

Lead the user through the process with Progress Bar macro

Progress Bar allows you to use content from a myriad of different pages and spaces to create a tailored pathway for your team. For example, this could be used for HR policy documents that require a certain sequence of completion, or to verify a health and safety check using information from multiple departments. Just insert the Progress Bar Hyperlink macros into the Progress Bar Container macro for every page you need.

Use the Progress Bar macro to improve user experience  and content navigation


Save space and time with Tabs

This macro allows you to separate content into different tabs, making it easier for users to quickly find the content that's most relevant to them. This shortens your page and makes each tab more user-friendly, while still allowing for easy editing of all the content. You can use Tabs to organise different elements of a project or space - be they topics, steps, or sections. You choose the name of the tab and what you want it to contain, the macro does the rest.

Use the Tabs macro to improve content clarity


Get the reader's attention with the Alert macro

Create an alert that takes over a page with important information relating to the status of a page. So, if you have crucial information you need people to see, like there is a system outage, a page is under review, or a project is about to be signed off, you can create an Alert for that. You can also let users know who to contact in case there is an issue.

Alert macro - one of the best Confluence macros for enhancing your content user


Better Confluence usability means happy content consumers

People have a myriad of distractions on every screen. Creating content that can be intuitively navigated and easily consumed is essential for teams to succeed. That's one of the reasons Content Formatting for Confluence is such a powerful tool. It allows you to guide the user through the entire experience and optimise it for the best results. With over 30 great macros, there is bound to be something that can take your content to the next level.

Check out Content Formatting for Confluence today.

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