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Get to know our DevOps Decrypted Podcast!

Vanessa Whiteley
Vanessa Whiteley
23 February 24 DevOps
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If you've still not discovered our fantastic podcast, we're here to tell you a bit more about what you can expect, our awesome hosts, and where to find it.

We launched DevOps Decrypted in August 2021 in an attempt to fill a DevOps-sized ditch in the podcasting landscape. And oh, have we delivered! With more than 20 episodes in the can and counting, our little audio baby has become a must-listen for DevOps professionals and enthusiasts.

What's it all about?

Born out of our passion for exploring all things development plus operations, the podcast is a place to learn more about DevOps, hear the latest related news, and be part of the wider DevOps community. In each episode, our line-up of expert hosts gets up close with this fundamental facet of modern software development, exploring its evolution, explaining new developments, and challenging ideas.

Or, as host Jobin Kuruvilla described it in episode 1, "It's kind of a mix of DevOps for dummies, plus all the deep, technical talks that we would love to have at some point. It will be around technologies; it will be around tools. It will be around people, processes, and a lot more."

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Hot topics to listen out for

From predictions for the year ahead to AI in testing, serverless architecture, internal developer platforms, and MLOps, there’s nothing DevOps-related that’s off our radar. Here are just a few of our favourite episodes to whet your audial appetite:

  • Episode 1: Introducing DevOps Decrypted—start from the top to get to know your hosts and hear their thoughts about where DevOps is and where it's heading.
  • Episode 5: Crazy corporate container conundrum conversations—earn how Kubernetes can help businesses scale to meet shopping demands and find out how Docker licences have changed.
  • Episode 9: Cloudy with a chance of DevOps—this episode is packed with cloud-related content, including an overview of our whitepaper DevOps in the cloud: evolving your tools, processes, and culture.
  • Episode 13: All things DevOps, MLOps and Chatbots feat. GitLab—want to know how to build a chatbot with MLOps? This episode, featuring GitLab Channel Solutions Architect Péter Bozsó, has got you covered.
  • Episode 22: Leaving the danger zone behind in modern organisations with Gene Kim.
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"What people don't realise is that once you embrace DevOps, it actually makes lives easier, giving you time to work on the things that really matter: improve efficiency, look at the quality of the process, improve the security of the software that you're developing—all those things you've ignored for so long."
Jobin Kuruvilla (DevOps Decrypted, Episode 1), Head of DevOps
Meet the hosts

Each episode is a relaxed and eye-opening chat between some of the best DevOps experts Adaptavist has to offer. With five regular hosts featuring regularly on the series, you get an array of developer and engineering insights from across the business. Here are the folks who make the magic happen:

  • Jobin Kuruvilla: Head of DevOps for Adaptavist's Professional Services and an Author of multiple technical books, Jobin believes that transformation is the key to innovation. Jobin has a passion for soccer, music, coffee, people, process and tools, probably in that order.
  • Rasmus Praestholm: Jack-of-all-trades DevOps nerd and crazy idea guy. Rasmus is always tinkering with some platform or open-source project.
  • Jon Mort: The Adaptavist Group's CTO, Jon, sees DevOps as the most promising approach to solving the software build crisis. He's a new convert to green tea and believes technology should serve people, not the other way around.
  • Laura Larramore: Laura's an Associate Developer, gamer, nerd, and friend to all animals! She enjoys using tech to solve many problems, drinking amazingly large amounts of coffee, and discussing abstract theories.
  • Matt Saunders: a transformative consultant and DevOps community leader in London, Matt helps teams make the best use of people, processes, and technology to deliver software efficiently and safely.

We've got a whole host of hosts, but they're not the only voices you'll hear. We're lucky to be joined by a number of special guests from time to time. We've already welcomed Chris Boys from Umano, Erko Knoll from Stitch It, GitLab Channel Solutions Architect Péter Bozsó, and Gene Kim – bestselling author of The Phoenix Project, The DevOps Cookbook, and The Unicorn Project – to name a few.

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Why should I tune in?

If you're not a podcast person, we're pretty sure you'll be a convert after catching up with our experts. DevOps Decrypted does what it says on the tin, breaking down and demystifying DevOps to make the philosophy, processes, tools, and new technologies easier for everyone working in the software space to understand.

You'll get to hear their reactions to the latest industry news, learn about Adaptavist events, webinars, and whitepapers, and hear from experts —both at Adaptavist and beyond, including great minds from some of our partner organisations like GitLab. And most of all, you'll feel less alone in your own DevOps journey by joining us on ours.

Where can I find it?

It's easy and simple to start listening. All episodes are standalone, so you can start from the beginning or listen in any order you like. Find all the episodes on our website, stream and download from your favourite podcast platform (like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify), or tune in on YouTube.

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Like what you hear?

When you've had a listen, we'd love to know what you think. If you have suggestions for DevOps topics you’d like us to cover or questions you'd like answered by our experts, please get in touch. Simply leave a comment on YouTube or email us at:

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Headphones on!

Ready to listen up and dive into DevOps Decrypted?

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