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Forms for Confluence Cloud updates: Improve data collection with a more intuitive interface

Linh Pham
Linh Pham
27 September 21 Confluence
forms for confluence cloud

One of the things our customers love about Forms for Confluence is how easy it is to build a form using the native editor functionality. This is all thanks to the power of Confluence macros.

Now with an enhanced interface, Forms for Confluence allows you to customise the elements inside forms more intuitively. Here’s a summary of the latest updates:

  • The Forms for Confluence macro suite now has more informative field names and descriptive text to explain what's required in each field.
  • You now have the option to add borders to your forms, allowing you to segment information to make forms clearer and more appealing to users. 

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Get familiar with the new Forms for Confluence macro suite

To help you get a better idea of which macros are best suited to your form creation needs, we’ve renamed our macros to reflect common form question types.

The table below describes the new Forms for Confluence macro suite. As usual, you can browse these macros from the Confluence macro browser or simply use the “/form” command.

Table showing the changes to Forms for Confluence names

Improve your form’s look and feel to drive more responses

Another small yet impactful improvement in Forms for Confluence is the display option. 

When adding a new Forms for Confluence macro, you’ll notice this checkbox - which will give your form a simple formatting option. 

Screenshot of Forms for Confluence interface

Here’s the published form with borders:

Screenshot showing a form with text fields to fill in

Pro tip: You can now also add headings or paragraphs directly inside the Forms macro container, and separate the form sections using the native “Divider” element (image below).

Text on a grey background with form icon

This helps you to keep your form information clear and easy-to-follow, helping your users to provide answers with ease.

And that’s not all. We’re working on multiple enhancements and new features to help you accomplish more with Forms for Confluence. Stay tuned for our future roadmap updates. 

Is there any feature that you want to have in Forms for Confluence cloud? Please submit your suggestion here. We’d love to hear from you!

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