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Demystify Scrum and Kanban with Adaptavist's new Jira Software courses

Demystify Scrum and Kanban with Adaptavist's new Jira Software courses
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Demystify Scrum and Kanban with Adaptavist's new Jira Software courses

Getting started with any new software tool can be both exciting and overwhelming. Jira is no exception. With new jargon to pick up like "Scrum" and "Kanban," a bucket full of permission requirements to set up as well as tracking and keeping ahead of your tasks, there's a lot to learn. But you don't need to learn everything at once.

With Adaptavist Learn you have access to three new Jira courses designed to help you get started with Jira and access the information you need fast to stay on track.

Adaptavist Jira Software Server for Beginners

There's no doubt, Jira's user interface (UI) experience is impressive. Having the ability to see all of your work at one glance, including how all your tasks relate to each other as well as being able to drag-and-drop your issues with ease, makes Jira a powerful tool for the enterprise.

If you want to maximise Jira's potential, it's helpful to focus on your most critical work and let Jira's agile board work its magic, automatically organising and prioritising your tasks for you.

In our first course on Jira Software, you'll learn how to create an agile board to manage your work and get a solid foundation in Jira basics. Once you become confident using Jira, you will be ready to move on to one of our more advanced course options.

Adaptavist Jira Software Server for Scrum

Scrum is an agile framework for getting work done as a team, and in Jira Software terms, there are a number of features and reports that are only available if you create a scrum board.

As an approach to getting work done, scrum relies heavily on the process being done right, and Jira's features are going to be most helpful to you if you're putting in the right data and using the tool properly.

Our Jira Software Server for Scrum course doesn't just help you to create and configure a scrum board. We'll also walk you through how to use Jira Software to manage regular meetings and rituals associated with agile sprints.

You will dive into all of the reports that Jira Software provides to help you monitor, manage, and improve your team's performance. This course will help you understand the role of Jira Software in scrum sprints, and coach you on how to apply an agile approach when configuring and using Jira Software.

Adaptavist Jira Software Server for Kanban

Compared with Scrum, where you focus on short sprints and time-boxing your work, Kanban is all about moving work perpetually from 'To-Do,' to 'In Progress,' to 'Done.'

Creating a Kanban board will help you and your team visualise progress and focus on the work you need to complete. While there are many similarities in the features available for kanban boards when compared to sprint boards, the ways that they should be configured and used are different.

In our course, Jira Software Server for Kanban, you'll learn the best practices on how to manage a continuous workflow and get some creative tips and ideas on how to configure your board. You'll also learn about the two reports that are available for kanban boards and how you can interpret them.

Combining art and science for agile clarity

Most training available on the market will either teach you agile methods or show you how to use Jira Software, but not both. Adaptavist Learn features both practical instruction to setup and use Jira Software and also provides guidance on how to apply everything you're learning within an agile framework.

Our training videos, downloadable resources, and regular updates will help you get up and running fast with Jira software and keep you up-to-date with the latest changes from Atlassian.

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