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Confluence Data Center makes Confluence Enterprise-ready

20 September 14 Confluence
Confluence Data Center makes Confluence Enterprise-ready
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Confluence Data Center makes Confluence Enterprise-ready

Atlassian have announced that Confluence will now be offered as a Data Center deployment. Data Center is targeted to the needs of the Enterprise and already available with Jira.

Confluence is fundamentally designed to make team collaboration effortless. Teams can create, share and find information. Usage tends to snowball inside large organisations as more and more teams see the benefits. However, as the degree of dependence on Confluence increases, hardware failure and increased load can compromise performance. For an organisation whose business processes depend on Confluence or Jira reliability becomes a major requirement.

Assured availability of critical applications

Data Center offers protection against hardware failure through active-active clustering. If an application node is somehow inactivated, a redundant node will automatically take its place without any disruption to service or performance. Alternatively, load balancers can also be used to disperse both users and load across the whole cluster.

No compromise on performance

Increased load is inevitable desirable even within larger organisations. However, a high number of users can impact on performance, especially if there are significant spikes in demand. The Data Center deployment option boosts application throughput to mitigate against this.

Supporting service continuity

Data Center doesn't require you to take the whole system offline in order to add extra nodes. You can scale up without interruption to your current users. Additionally, since Data Center platforms are licenced on a per-user basis, you can be sure you won't have any unexpected costs when you need to scale up.

For more information about how Adaptavist can help you maximise your investment and performance with Atlassian applications, including whether Data Center is right for your organisation contact us today.

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