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Community Forums 2.0: new features & Data Center compatibility

12 September 14 Confluence
Community Forums 2.0: new features & Data Center compatibility
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Community Forums 2.0: new features & Data Center compatibility

Community Forums is Adaptavist's Add-On for creating an online collaborative environment directly in your Confluence instance. It's proven to help organisations of all sizes to engage audiences both internally and externally by delivering a social platform that can be used to discuss, debate, share and develop knowledge.

We've just launched Community Forums 2.0 on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Knowledge stays within Confluence

Everything is stored and saved directly in Confluence so the discussions and the knowledge shared will be available for all to access as easily as you would any other Confluence content.

Community Forums is one of our most popular Add-Ons, bringing forum-specific features directly to your Confluence pages. Community Forums 2.0 also delivers a wealth of new and improved features, making Forums work even better for your team. Start your free trial of Community Forums today and get your teams discussing their important topics.

Lots of great new features

  • Use Confluence pages as topics, so you can do all the usual stuff you can do with a Confluence page
  • Search, sort and filter topics so you can easily find the topics you’re looking for Hot Topics! Forums lets easily identify topics with a lot of activity at the moment so you easily know which topics are getting people excited
  • Sticky Topics let users know which topics are important right now
  • Lock topics and forums once a topic has run it's course, you can lock it off so the information stays safe and secure in Confluence
  • Create forums and sub-forums provide categories of discussion for your teams
  • Setup a Forum in seconds the new Community Forums 2.0 uses blueprints to help you create a configured forum in just a few moment
  • Community Forums 2.0 is fully Data Center compatible so you can deploy forums on even the largest instances of Confluence Data Center

Start a free trial today

Community Forums 2.0 is the tool for creating discussions in Confluence. Try it with your teams today start a free trial.

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