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Atlassian Team ‘24: a wrap-up of our favourite moments

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Last week, The Adaptavist Group headed to Las Vegas to attend Atlassian's annual flagship event, Team '24. Over the three-day event, we heard from Atlassian founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar and President Anu Bharadwaj about new updates for the Atlassian suite, alongside great sessions from partners and customers to help you make the most of your tools.

Here are some of our best bits: 

Founders keynote

Of course, one of our highlights was hearing directly from Atlassian founders about the great new features and updates coming to Atlassian tools this year. From new product launches like AI-powered Atlassian Rovo, more security features with Atlassian Guard, and the combining of Jira Software with Jira Work Management to become simply Jira, this year is shaping up to be an AI-fueled, teamwork driven, opportunity for all departments to collaborate better. 

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"From the announcements at Team '24, we can see the consolidation of tools. With Jira Software and Jira Work Management combined to be Jira, and Atlassian Access grouped with Beacon to become Atlassian Guard, where you previously had to go to different tools, now it is so simple for our customers to really take advantage of."
Jarin McClinton, Global Head of Professional Services, The Adaptavist Group

What does this mean for your teams?


More than 30 new AI features are coming to your Atlassian toolset to streamline the way your teams work. Atlassian Intelligence is becoming more intelligent, providing more opportunities to collaborate better across your global teams. These include better brainstorming with AI-powered Confluence whiteboards and embedding Smart Links within your Confluence page lists.

With the introduction of Atlassian Rovo, searching your knowledge base and unifying your users has never been easier. Atlassian Rovo is designed to revolutionise knowledge discovery and enable you to identify the right information quickly and effectively for all your teams. Rovo brings unified search to all the Atlassian products and more, providing easy access from every tool. Plus, Rovo Agents provide task-driven AI agents, streamlining your processes and enabling your users to deliver high-quality work faster. 

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Work management

The combination of Jira Software and Jira Work Management allows all teams to benefit from a single product, Jira. With Jira, teams across your organisation can work together in one tool, in a way that suits their needs while focusing on the shared priorities and business goals.

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LinkedIn post: Exciting announcements at hashtag#AtlassianTeam24 keynote today: 💥 One product hashtag#Jira to conquer the world announced by Anu Bharadwaj. Jira Software and Jira Work Management are now one product with amazing new features such as new views of work, goals (!), amazing new AI capabilities, ideation, AI powered whiteboards and more. 💥 hashtag#Loom integration in the Atlassian platform which will be a game changer when it comes to collaboration.   More announcements from Scott Farquhar:  💥 New DevEx functionality coming to hashtag#Compass through Optic acquisition. 💥 New incident alert and response experience in Jira Service Management hashtag#JSM and Compass - AIOps! 💥 Virtual agent with 3rd party integrations now available in Slack, MSTeams and portal. 💥 Dozens of new AI capabilities in hashtag#JSM like automated created queues, auto assignment and more and creation of instant service desks based on text description (What?!)   Mike Cannon-Brookes announced  💥 Atlassian Guard a new product for threat protection and advanced security. 💥 New features coming in Automation, Analytics  💥 New product hashtag#Rovo for unified search experience across all products AND other systems (search from Confluence in Sharepoint, Slack, Figma and more) utilizing the teamwork graph and scemantic context. Rovo will help teams utilize knowledge from any source by creating knowledge! Rovo will have its own chat and… Rovo agents with specific knowledge, goals and even character to match your culture and take action based on permissions.  And even more, that would make this a looong post. Come by our Adaptavist booth if you are at the expo today or please reach out directly to find out more!
LinkedIn: Effie Bagourdi, Head of Service Management practice, The Adaptavist Group

Service management

Jira Service Management (JSM) is not just evolving; it's revolutionising how it supports functions beyond the traditional IT team. Imagine the integration of intelligent AI enhancements designed to empower all teams, making their daily tasks more manageable and enabling them to deliver exceptional service experiences. 

Virtual Agent is already helping JSM users cut down on support tickets that require a human touch, and now it will be available in JSM's help centre, too. All your customers need to do is type their question into the help centre's search box, and Virtual Agent will fetch the answer they need along with links to any related resources.

One additional feature we're especially excited about is Instant Service Desks. Powered by AI, you can summarise what you want your service desk to do, and JSM will create a service desk for you without the fuss.

Atlassian has unleashed some exciting AIOps innovations to help operations teams better detect, prevent, and resolve incidents. AI-powered insights will also make it easier to understand past alerts and responders and take quicker action. With this feature, JSM can also suggest potential root causes and recommend appropriate resolution resources, like runbooks and knowledge-base articles. Expect automated post-incident reviews, too, to help prevent future incidents.

From alert consolidation, which ensures you get fewer notifications with better-quality information, to ticket comment summaries, which provide a quick view of previous actions, to AI-powered auto-assigning for tickets, there's a lot to celebrate from the JSM side. 

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LinkedIn post: ☎ YOU BETTER CALL IT JIRA ☎ HOT news from team24 in Vegas: 1️⃣ The NEW (unified) JIRA has landed. Anu Bharadwaj just announced it at team24 hashtag#lasvegas.  Atlassian did ring the bell for a NEW ERA today and announced the unification of Jira Work Management and Jira Software. New product, new name, new branding and enhanced go-to-market strategy: JIRA. Seriously, YOU BETTER CALL IT JIRA.
LinkedIn: Lars Bachmann, Head of Sales (EMEA), The Adaptavist Group

Cloud security

On the security side, Atlassian announced a new product, Atlassian Guard, combining Atlassian Access to identify and manage users and Beacon to detect suspicious activity. With both standard offerings available now and premium offerings coming shortly, this brings a whole new level of confidence to the security of your Atlassian Cloud offerings.

That's not all; there's plenty more to share; we've summed up some more of the key announcements here.

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Watch the full keynote

Throughout the event, The Adaptavist Group was on hand to share our expertise, from content theatre talks, to hands-on breakout sessions, and product demonstrations. 

Five Tips: Build a service portal and deliver excellent service at warp speed

During this session, Phill Fox, Principal Customer Success Advocate and ACE Leader Cambridge set Atlassian Community leaders a challenge to see who could build a working service portal first. Alongside the challenge, Phill shared his top tips to get up and running fast, avoiding common pitfalls. 

Need a service portal, fast? We can help; speak to Phill and our Service management team.

Jira Service Management for HR: Your Way to ESM

As businesses grow, the need for service management extends beyond IT teams into the wider organisation. This session from Principal Solutions Architect Alexander Post, looked at how Jira Service Management can revolutionise HR operations towards comprehensive Enterprise Service Management, and JSM's transformative potential in HR.

Are you extending Service management within your HR team or other department? Alexander Post and our Enterprise Service Management experts can help.

Confluence is a journey. Or at least, it can be!

Are you making the most of Confluence? During this session, Daniel Domene Martinez, Technical Product Marketing Manager from our work management product brand, Kolekti, shared an entirely fresh approach to Confluence: an intuitive method that boosts user experience and engagement. From reviewing the typical Confluence structure to highlighting the benefits of using decision trees, Daniel shared popular use cases, from onboarding and new starters to runbooks and agency scripts.

Ready to boost your Confluence user experience? Chat to Daniel and the team at Kolekti.

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LinkedIn post: What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas 😎  Check out memorable moments from our experience at Atlassian's Team '24!  Massive kudos to Daniel Domene Martinez and Abi Brown for representing us and educating the attendees on our Confluence app suite.   And shoutout to our friends at Adaptavist, ScriptRunner and Upscale for yet another successful event 🙌   👀 Daniel & Abi will be "Out of Office" for now, but stay tuned for more exciting updates!   hashtag#Team24 hashtag#Kolekti hashtag#TheAdaptavistGroup
LinkedIn: Kolekti, part of The Adaptavist Group page

How Kaizen Gaming leveraged single-platform automation to transform their global collaboration

During this session, Effie Bagourdi, Service Management Practice Lead, spoke alongside Stefanos Aspiotis, CRM Senior Manager at Kaizen Gaming, sharing best practices for scaling work management practices across global businesses. Looking at the Kaizen Gaming use case, they shared insights from their 4-month rapid transformation project execution and ongoing enhancements, demonstrating the impact of strategic training and innovative work management solutions in a multinational setting.

Supercharge your global work management solutions; speak to Effie and our work management experts today.

Unlock productivity by connecting all your apps

We joined ScriptRunner's Senior Customer Success Manager, Bobby Bailey, on a journey to streamline complex integration challenges. During this session, Bobby, supported by Kyle Moseley, CEO and Principal Consultant at Blue Ridge Consultants and Jeff Pittman, Founder and Head of Atlassian Solutions Delivery at Sherpa Consulting, reflected on how you can empower your teams with access to the right data, in the right app, at the right time. 

Learn more about how ScriptRunner Connect can support your integration needs, and speak with Bobby and the ScriptRunner team here.

Driving the value of your agile transformation

During this session, Business Transformation Consultant Kim Herren shared the ongoing process of implementing Jira Align, from identifying business value and pain points to prioritising desired outcomes, developing a roadmap, and effectively implementing a targeted solution. The talk delved into a use case with customer Edenred's PayTech, exploring how they optimised their transformation and Jira Align adoption based on value priorities. 

Looking to implement Jira Align? Speak to Kim and our agile experts about the importance of discovery activities to develop your Jira Align strategy.

Wrapping up Team '24

It's been a blast! We met some great customers, talked with users across the Atlassian ecosystem about their challenges, and met our fabulous partners and friends from Atlassian. 

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In addition to the impressive announcements from Atlassian, we have some exciting news of our own…

Celebrating our cloud solutions

We're delighted to have been named 'Atlassian Partner of the Year 2023: Cloud Solutions.'

This recognition is a testament to our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and delivering exceptional solutions to our clients. Huge thanks to our amazing team and valued clients for making this possible!

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The Adaptavist Group, winner of Atlassian Partner of the Year Award 2023: Cloud Solutions

Adaptavist partners with Deloitte 

And the news doesn't stop there. Deloitte, the world's #1 Professional Advisory Firm, has partnered with The Adaptavist Group to offer world-class capabilities and progressional services. 

Find out more about our partnership.

How can The Adaptavist Group help you? 

We're Atlassian and technology experts delivering innovative software, tailored solutions, and quality services across our five practice areas and beyond – agile, DevOps, cloud, Service management, and Work management. Across The Group, our mission is simple: we make business work better.

Ready to work better? Get in touch about your challenges and business goals to see how The Adaptavist Group can support your digital transformation with our intelligent products and solutions.

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