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Atlassian simplifies self-managed suite; reaffirms belief in the Cloud

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As Atlassian put its Server products out to pasture, options abound with Data Center and their renewed focus on building their cloud for everyone. In the words of Steve Jobs, “Focus means saying no."

That’s how we feel at Adaptavist in regards to Atlassian’s latest announcement that they will be slowly sunsetting their Server products in favour of their cloud (SaaS) and Data Center (self-managed) deployment models.  

Atlassian has long shared its mission of becoming a cloud-first company, and this announcement reinforces their position and confirms their absolute commitment to investing in cloud solutions that are the right choice for almost everyone. 

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For many, cloud is the present and the future of Software

Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation across industries, and we’re witnessing cloud technology play an important role in that journey. Atlassian ’s announcement to phase out its more basic self-managed option is a bold, but timely step in meeting customers on that path. It’s a commitment to focus on reducing complexity in a rapidly changing world.

Remote/home working is now the norm for many, a paradigm shift that happened virtually overnight. End users are consuming services outside the corporate firewall as a matter of course, accelerating the change of the security model from all on-premise, to a more deperimeterised world where offerings like Atlassian cloud and Adaptavist’s Enterprise cloud are a natural fit.

Atlassian’s laser-focus on its multi-tier cloud (SaaS) offerings will bring many benefits for customers, including more investment and focus on enhancing usability, integration, and security of all their products. 

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So what does this announcement really mean for customers?

Atlassian will no longer sell new perpetual server licences from February 2021 and will cease new feature development on server products. Support will be available through to February 2024 as the products are deprecated.

However, some customers operate in heavily regulated sectors and simply can’t move to the cloud. Luckily, Atlassian will continue to invest in its Data Center platform, offering customers the ability to leverage the same deployment options that are available for its discontinued Server products, including the private cloud. 

For those already using or planning to use Data Center, we are confident it will continue to have a long future ahead. 

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Whatever your next step, we have an upgrade path for you 

While this news was not unexpected, it does leave customers with an existential question: What comes after Server?

Do we upgrade to Data Center? Do we have to migrate to the cloud today? Can we take a hybrid approach over time? Where do we start?

These decisions will depend on the size and complexity of the organisation, the shape of its IT infrastructure, and - ultimately- what’s best for teams that use these tools everyday. At Adaptavist, we’re experienced in helping our customers weigh the options and make the switch.

Whether it's helping ARM move 10,000 employees to cloud, supporting John Lewis Partnership's Atlassian goals with managed services or showing ScriptRunner for Jira users how to move from Server to cloud, we know that it’s about more than just a technology choice. We can help you take the opportunity to evaluate the health of the attendant business processes.  

We know every organisation is different, with different needs and priorities, so no matter what the shape or size of your organisation, we are committed to helping you navigate through this change and ensure you make the right decisions.

We appreciate for some this announcement may bring concern, as well as uncertainty on how best to proceed. We assure you that we are here to support you through this transition and are committed to ensuring you put the right solution in place for your business and minimise any unnecessary disruption. 

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