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Atlassian Performance Tuning Tips: #2 Manage your configuration

26 February 14 Atlassian
Atlassian Performance Tuning Tips: #2 Manage your configuration
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Atlassian Performance Tuning Tips: #2 Manage your configuration


So, you've been running your JIRA or other Atlassian tools for a while, but things are starting to slow down. You've had a look around, but nothing looks immediately wrong so you need some JIRA performance tips.

Adaptavist have helped hundreds of clients tune their Atlassian applications for peak performance. In this series of blogs, we're sharing five Atlassian Performance Tuning tips that apply to JIRA performance as well as the health of your other Atlassian apps.

Balancing customisation with performance

Atlassian products are highly customisable and have a huge array of extension and configuration points. Plugins and configuration within the user interface can deliver significant changes in functionality. However, the effects of these can be profound.

The key to balancing the power of plugins with JIRA performance is the control of the environment. All changes made to the system, including those made from within the User Interface, should be controlled and thoroughly tested with a representative load test. Build a testing environment that is equivalent to Production, and make changes to this first.

Understand user requirements

Finally, make sure that you understand the scope of the requirements coming from your users what they ask for might not actually be what they need don't just say Yes and do it!

Catch up with our other Atlassian Performance Tuning tips or for more information about Adaptavist and our JIRA-related services, contact us now.


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