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Lean Portfolio Management

Our agile experts have carefully curated a collection of guidance and insight for you as part of your ongoing agile transformation journey.

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Seek alignment and stay aligned

As business leaders, your portfolio is the blueprint for your business—the strategic goals you're striving to reach and the initiatives and projects required to help you achieve them. But as your business scales, it can be harder and harder to keep track of that portfolio, to know what work is happening and why. Traditional portfolio management methods may no longer be effective, but adopting Lean Portfolio Management practices could be the key to continuing to drive ongoing organisational alignment. Our six-step guide for the LPM journey has been built for you to dive into Lean portfolio management.

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Strategic portfolio vs project portfolio - bridging the gap

Strategic portfolio or project portfolio? We explain the difference.

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How to get started with Lean Portfolio Management

In this blog, we will explain Lean Portfolio Management (LPM), the fundamental principles of the Lean methodology, and how you can implement LPM within the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) and unlock the benefits of agility at the enterprise level. Let's get started!

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Lean Portfolio Management 101

Our second Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) blog explores the critical roles, cultural shifts, and prominent challenges organisations face embracing this transformative approach.

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Eight ways to refine your Lean Portfolio Management

To achieve the full potential of their agile transformation, organisations must work out how to become and stay aligned. That is why many businesses are taking steps to embrace Lean methodologies; here are our tips.

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Lean Portfolio Management: the ultimate guide

In this ebook, we introduce you to the Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) SAFe process, which makes portfolio management adaptable, efficient, and somewhat automated, including the tools and training that can help you succeed with LPM.

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Webinar: Lean portfolio management masterclass

Join us as we explore the transformation from traditional legacy systems to the cutting-edge Lean Portfolio Management approach with Jira Align.