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NADOG 21st September 2021

NADOG Virtual event

Breaking down GitOps

21 September 3PM - 4PM UTC

Breaking down GitOps

Join us at NADOG and EURODOG on the 21st September.

Rasmus will be presenting Breaking down GitOps

DevOps is a wide term with many meanings, but it is also intended as such. GitOps can be seen as a very narrow term with a specific purpose, namely PR/MR oriented CD on Kubernetes, almost as if it is a simple add-on for DevOps. 

Attend this brief talk by Rasmus Praestholm to learn a bit about the core purpose, the sprawl of definitions, and three main categories thereof, to help you navigate this confusing new territory.

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Event hosts and guests:

Rasmus Praestholm

Rasmus Praestholm

Rasmus Praestholm is a Staff Engineer with Adaptavist, having focused on CI/CD for years across a slew of tools, especially Jenkins since before it was Jenkins. Rasmus researches new related tooling coming out like a kid browsing a candy store, looking for balance between general purpose with easy setup to extremely scaleable systems able to handle the complexity of the upper end of today’s enterprise IT. GitOps and ChatOps are particular interests. He is certified for Kubernetes, Cloudbees CI, GitLab, and so on.