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AVST x GitLab partnership

GitLab London Meet-up

Kick off the new year and join the GitLab community at their latest London meet-up.

Hear from expert speakers on Self-Service, Internal Developer Portals, and Team Ops. Then hang around afterward for food and refreshments, and chat about your GitLab stories.

18 January 6PM - 9.30PM UTC 28 Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4RP, UK

In this event we cover:

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    Gain a deep understanding of how to harness self-service and IDPs for seamless DevOps automation, cloud migration initiatives, and empowering developers within larger organisations, while also leveraging modern tools and techniques that bring all these aspects together to deliver robust, scalable value.

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    Acquire insights into effectively implementing TeamOps for optimising team dynamics, expediting decision-making, enhancing productivity, and aligning workflows within diverse organisational structures, while learning best practices to transform team relations and achieve holistic operational efficiency.

Join us for an evening of insightful conversations

Are you a Software Developer, DevOps Engineer, Product Manager, Systems Administrator, Security Analyst, or Technical Leader? Are you interested in accomplishing more, increasing your team's output, and removing friction from your day-to-day work?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then register now for the latest GitLab London Meet-up event!

Developers can do everything - using Self-Service and IDPs for fast flow

The dream of DevOps involves automatic source code management and continuous integration and simple automated deployment pipelines. We want to move to the cloud for scalability and elasticity and to empower developers to choose their own path whilst automating everything they don't need to care about. But does this really work in a larger modern organisation? Can we actually make everything we think developers need self-service? Do we need a developer portal, and how do all these things actually join together to deliver value? Matt will run through the emergent methods and tools people are now using to do this well.

Empowering teams with TeamOps

TeamOps is a performance-centric operational approach designed to optimise team dynamics, streamline decision-making, and enhance organisational productivity. Developed, practised, and refined by GitLab, it’s a framework grounded in actionable principles that transform how teams work and relate. But can this framework successfully integrate into diverse team hierarchies and cultures? Can it be the magic potion that streamlines all operational hierarchies? How does it align with individual team workflows to foster a truly productive atmosphere? Steve will delve into the best practices being implemented to make this dynamic vision a reality.

Event details

Date: Thursday 18th January 2024.

Time: Registration 6:00pm. Talks from 6:30pm. End 9:30pm.

Location: Adaptavist, 28 Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4RP.

Food: Hot food and refreshments will be provided.

Find out more about the London GitLab Meetup Group group here.

Adaptavist & GitLab: empowering digital transformation

Adaptavist's partnership with GitLab is a force to be reckoned with – and here's why. GitLab is one of our strategic partners, meaning we can leverage our capabilities to offer enhanced services and solutions. However, our alliance goes beyond mere collaboration.

As a proud member of the GitLab Select Channel partner network, we've taken a step further by achieving the Professional Services Certified Partner status in their Channel Services Program.

We know that accolades aren't everything, but our accreditations strengthen our ability to help organisations achieve their DevOps goals. Our objective is to deliver significant value to our customers, and our accreditations enhance our ability to do just that.

Together with GitLab, we deliver timely and efficient DevOps solutions that are continuously evolving and relevant. Our solutions span consulting and assessments, implementations, integrations, migrations, and training.

To explore more on our combined offerings and the power of our partnership, click here.

Event hosts and guests:

Matt Saunders

Matt Saunders

DevOps Lead in the Office of the CTO at The Adaptavist Group

Matt Saunders is the DevOps Lead in the Office of the CTO at The Adaptavist Group. After being trusted with a root password as a Sysadmin long ago, he now helps teams make the best use of people, processes, and technology to deliver software efficiently and safely.

Steve Challis

Steve Challis

Major Account Executive at GitLab

Steve is responsible for managing GitLab's enterprise clients in EMEA and growing their business footprint. He is also certified with the DevOps Institute as a Value Stream Practitioner.