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Deviniti: Jira Day 2022

Deviniti: Jira Day 2022

The most cosmic Atlassian-related conference in Central Europe is back! After two years of remote events, we're excited to say that Jira Day is back in person, and even better it's the 10th edition of this event! Adaptavist is a proud sponsor of Jira Day 2022, and the Adaptavist Apps Team is heading to Poland to share insights and host both a demo and business presentation. We can't wait to see you there!

7 September 7AM - 8 September 4.50PM UTC Norblin Factory, Warsaw, Poland

Proud Sponsor of Jira Day 2022

As an Adaptavist Diamond App Solution Partner based in Poland, Deviniti is a partner we can rely on to develop and champion our app solutions. Participating and supporting Diviniti with Jira Day 2022 provides us with the opportunity to engage with key customers in the region and listen to their needs, so we can continue to solve business problems through world-class products.

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Adaptavist Apps Team Sessions

Be sure to check out our Demo and Business Presentations, hosted by our very own Phill Fox and Jessie Wang.

Demo Track: Cloud migration: How to audit Jira workflows, projects and users in a few clicks

Abstract: Whether you’re migrating to Cloud, consolidating multiple Jira instances or just doing a general clean-up, save yourself hours of work and learn how you can use Microscope to give you the x-ray vision of what is happening under the hood.

Get immediate feedback on which projects and workflows are no longer being used and are ready for archiving. See which users haven’t been logging in and could be potentially deactivated. See which workflow apps have been installed and how valuable they are to your instance.

Microscope allows you to easily and quickly identify clean-up and consolidation opportunities before migrating to Cloud. 

Come learn from our Jira guru how to use it to lay the groundwork for a smooth Cloud migration.

Speaker: Phill Fox

Phill is a Principal Customer Success Advocate at Adaptavist, helping Atlassian users around the world make the most of their installations. He has worked with Atlassian tools for over 10 years on new initiatives and solutions, while regularly contributing to the Atlassian Community.


Business Presentation: Integration has entered the chat: How to free yourself of tedious tasks and save time across your Atlassian apps and third-party toolstack

Abstract: Your Atlassian apps are most powerful when they can talk to each other and the other apps in your toolstack. Imagine if you could automate tedious, repetitive tasks across them all.

Whether that’s Jira, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Slack or internal databases, learn how to do exactly this with ScriptRunner, the #1 best-selling marketplace app for Jira and Confluence administrators.

Get examples of real, time-saving automations and integrations created by our customers and consultants. Take away inspiration on what’s possible for your instance, plus the steps needed to recreate them for yourself.

Speaker: Jessie Wang

As a Product Marketing Manager at Adaptavist, Jessie leads the marketing efforts for ScriptRunner for Confluence, both for on-premise and on Cloud. She combines a love of getting deep into user feedback and nerding out on analytics to develop products that bring the most value to customers. Outside of work, Jessie enjoys wandering around in nature (mainly hiking), trying new gelato flavours and reading fantasy books.

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