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Agile & DevOps West Online 2021

Agile & DevOps West Online 2021

9 June 0.30pm - 10 June 9pm UTC

Scaling DevOps Strategies

Scaling Agile and DevOps practices is especially hard in large enterprises. In this session, we’ll walk through a use case that demonstrates how portfolio managers and enterprise architects can transform teams and entire organisations through agile and DevOps practices:

  • DevOps as a Product Strategy closes the scaling gaps
  • How we proved this strategy scales DevOps in large organisations 
  • DevOps scaling is an ongoing commitment"

Tune in with Cannon and Jennifer to take a deep dive into what it takes to truly transform your approach!

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Event hosts and guests:


Jennifer Eolin

Technical Consultant
Jennifer believes in empowering organisations to make the "people, process, product" principle a reality. She regards 'process' as more than a document, but as the basis for an organisation's culture and future.  

Cannon Lafferty

Cannon Lafferty

Cannon Lafferty has worked with development organisations for 15 years to coordinate both business value delivery and enable software development maturity. His experience in the Agile realm started 15 years ago with the introduction of XP to a large telecommunications company. His background in IT Operations and support bring a new perspective to software development and delivery by focusing on the sustainability of those efforts. In 2019, Cannon joined Adaptavist, working with their Agile Transformation team to help implement large scale agile delivery projects.