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ACE India-The journey to the Cloud

ACE India-The journey to the Cloud

Presented by J P Comeau

19 June 1PM - 2PM UTC

The journey to the Cloud

What is happening to Atlassian On Premise offerings? How do you ensure that you have a successful migration from Server? Whether you are already on a migration journey or just thinking about one, use this session to make your life easier.

Jean-Philippe will guide you through what the changes mean for your business and provide you with assistance in planning your strategy for Atlassian tooling going forward. JP will also talk briefly about why archiving, housekeeping and general awareness of the Atlassian Ecosystem changes are so important for successful strategic planning and execution.

We will close the session with an opportunity for attendees to discuss any particular nuances or challenges, so come prepared to expand your knowledge and strategic approach.

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Event hosts and guests:

Jean-Philippe Comeau

Jean-Philippe Comeau

Senior Customer Success Advocate
Jean-Phillipe has been working in the software industry since 2011, and has written hundreds of Groovy scripts for Jira, Confluence and BitBucket. As a Customer Success Advocate at Adaptavist, JP helps organisations further their expertise with Atlassian apps.