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The future of ITSM is agile

A practical guide for working with ITIL® 4 and Atlassian


How ITIL 4 can make your organisation more agile

IT teams are changing the way they operate to keep up with the pace of business. The days of static procedures and lengthy workflows are long gone. To break down silos, adapt quickly, and offer seamless experiences, IT teams are moving to a more collaborative, iterative, and customer-centric approach.

This guide, created by Atlassian and AXELOS will help you get started on your agile journey. 

Learn about the eight activities that high-velocity IT teams usually employ, as well as tips from the Atlassian Team Playbook for improving ITSM agility and collaboration:

  • Retrospectives for continuous improvement
  • Agile project management to speed up project delivery
  • Knowledge management to empower team culture
  • Control of requests and a customer-centric support desk
  • Adaptive incident management
  • Automation and collaboration for efficient change control
  • Continuous delivery for deployment management
  • Integrated software development and operations teams

Get started on your ITIL 4 journey