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The enterprise guide to using GitLab

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The enterprise guide to using GitLab

Successful DevSecOps is key to helping your teams ship secure, stable software quickly and efficiently. But the typical toolchains, made up of multiple solutions and third-party plugins, while sufficient for individual projects and teams, will struggle to scale across an enterprise.

GitLab offers an unrivalled solution to help teams iterate faster and work together to build high-quality, secure software faster than ever before – all while keeping complexity out of it. It's the market's most comprehensive DevSecOps platform – supporting your teams from planning to production and bringing all your insights together in the same place the work gets done.

Can you tell we're big fans?

In this guide, we'll walk you through the key benefits GitLab offers enterprises like yours, its core capabilities that address your organisation's needs – including agile planning, automated software delivery, and continuous security and compliance – and the various packages on offer.

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