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Forrester: Proven drivers for unlocking high-velocity ITSM

What are the key drivers for successful ITSM and what have high-performing been getting right in recent years?

high-velocity itsm

What have high-performing IT teams been getting right?

With constant debate attempting to define what the real key drivers behind successful ITSM are, this report from Forrester separates the myths from the facts and lays outs exactly what separates the high-performing organisations from the rest of the pack.

With growing evidence to support that high-performing organisations whose teams are delivering the best results have shifted from functional silos exchanging work orders to cross-functional “build/run” ways of working, it begs the question, what else are these teams doing right?

Key findings:

  • 78% of high performers were prepared to navigate big changes pre-COVID.
  • 90% of high performers plan to invest in tools that integrate development and IT operations.
  • 93% of high performers encourage open knowledge sharing.
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