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Transform your CI/CD pipeline - common pitfalls and how to avoid them

DevOps - Transform your CI/CD pipeline

Deliver products and value faster.

Implementation of a robust CI/CD strategy takes consideration, organisation, and time. If done successfully, an efficient continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline results in increased quality and productivity, and improved customer satisfaction. Download our eBook to arm yourself with the knowledge of how you can transform your software development pipeline and avoid common pitfalls along the way.

Key takeaways: 

  • Understand what are CI/CD best practices in relation to people, processes and technology.
  • Learn how your development team can build fast with a properly planned deployment pipeline and release process.
  • Get practical “how to” advice on how to avoid common pitfalls when setting up and managing your continuous integration and continuous delivery processes. 
  • Learn what changes you might need to implement to your CI/CD pipeline, and the reason behind them.

Download the eBook