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Get more out of DevOps with value stream management

DevOps VSM

This ebook offers a detailed look at value stream management – what it is, how it works, and the benefits it can bring to your organisation’s DevOps transformation.

As an agile software developer practising DevOps, you know that continuous improvement is key to value delivery and satisfied customers. But no matter how efficient your pipeline is, as you scale, you’ll notice problems creeping in: silos returning, isolated departments, or task-specific teams. 

Value stream management (VSM) offers enhanced visibility, orchestration, integration, and governance to deliver customer value faster. By recognising work in value streams and managing them accordingly, it helps you identify bottlenecks, eliminate waste, and ensure flow.

What you’ll learn

In this ebook, we take a deep dive into VSM, including:

  • The three core facets of good DevOps: source code management, access to environments, and smooth changes.
  • The four established metrics for measuring DevOps success.
  • What value looks like in a software development organisation and how to recognise waste.
  • The importance of VSM and the ways it can improve flow.
  • The key benefits of practising VSM in your organisation.
  • Some top VSM implementation tips to set you up for success.

 For all this and more, get your copy today.

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