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Unlocking enterprise marketing productivity: the when and why of implementing a work management solution

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Work management for marketing teams

Shining a spotlight on the process of implementing a work management system.

Whether your enterprise marketing team is a B2B or B2C-focused team, and if they are anything like ours, they'll deal with new creative requests, manage events, coordinate product launches, and update the world about your business via social media or email (to name a few of their activities) daily. The secret formula for keeping everything in sync and on track is visibility, collaboration and excellent planning. This is even truer when your marketing team is globally dispersed across different time zones and works remotely. In this case study, we focus on the marketing function; our work management experts share their experience of implementing and customising a marketing work management solution.

Requirements at a glance

  • Streamlined workflows for distributed enterprise marketing
  • Multiple campaign tracking
  • Strategic and resource planning
  • Existing tool integration
  • High-level project visibility for stakeholders
  • Enhanced distributed team collaboration
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    Industry: Marketing
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    Company size: Enterprise

The challenges

Adaptavist has first-hand experience implementing a work management solution into an enterprise, globally dispersed marketing team. Adaptavist's internal marketing teams faced their own set of challenges before adopting the WorkOS platform across the entire department. The good news is the challenges Adaptavist's internal marketing teams face are typical, meaning your work management tool doesn't need to be specialised. However, customising your system to your teams' unique needs is important.

One of the main challenges is the disjointed process and data. At an enterprise level, larger marketing teams typically operate in specific sub-teams focusing on regions such as partnerships, solutions, or products. A natural consequence is that sub-teams develop unique processes that function in isolation but fail to align with the broader organisation. It leads to inconsistent skill sets and inconsistent knowledge bases among team members, which only intensify with scale and when attempting to onboard new members.

So, aligning your process is vital before implementing a tool like for your marketing. A disjointed approach to the process will create inefficiencies and a lack of coherence in your overall marketing strategy.

"Tooling is not the same as a process—tools are systems that enable teams to amplify the way they operate. Simply putting an application in place without solving the underlying issues will highlight your problems, not solve them."
Danny Coleman
Business Information Services Manager at Adaptavist

Furthermore, disjointed processes lead to fragmented data and a lack of insights at the leadership level. Without a unified view, teams must rely on anecdotal data or, worse, guesswork. A work operating system enables a common process, shared methodology and a standard way to track data across your entire department. With a system in place, you can track your performance metrics and improve your process.

A scalable, efficient and properly managed work operating system is vital to integrating effectively with tools such as your CRM, analytics platforms and content management systems. A central work operating system provides a clear place to track work that can pull or push data into other connected applications like Hubspot and Miro. 

Enterprise marketing teams have a plethora of tools to manage, which can lead to inefficient ways of working due to tool toggling. Our Adaptavist experts can step in to integrate your tool stack, reduce context-switching and improve ways of working so you can maximise the potential of your work management system.


Uniting marketing efforts over can be lucrative for varying teams. A report from Forrester Consulting found that Work OS provided a 288% ROI for an enterprise marketing company. Usability is a big draw of It's designed from the end-user's perspective and has an open configuration system, so you can jump in and start using its features.

One of the key features of for marketers is its data and reporting capabilities. It can promote different views such as resource and capacity planning, workload and calendar view. Plus, the ability to time content and view it on a calendar basis is essential in marketing.

"It's extremely user-friendly. It's easy to create integrations for customer communication, like newsletters and email. Using spreadsheet functionality—like calculating values across fields—is really helpful."
Katie McDaniel
Business Consultant, Adaptavist

Our expertise

Adaptavist is an Advanced Delivery Partner of Through our delivery experts and professional services, we can implement the operating system into large marketing teams, help you get up to speed with its features and support with customisation. Our professional services can help you achieve your goals, whether you need help with configuration, optimisation, or training.

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Results at a glance


    Disjointed processes and data—larger marketing teams typically operate in specific and individual sub-teams.


    Clear alignment—aligning your process is vital to avoid inefficiencies and a lack of coherence in your overall marketing strategy.


    Poor visibility—multiple tools and no single place to oversee everything.


    A unified view—a single clear place to work and track marketing and creative work that can pull or push data into other connected applications.

When choosing your software, it's essential to consider how it will integrate into other apps and automate work. Many quick plug-ins and out-of-the-box integrations are available to bolster's capabilities. Its app marketplace includes pre-built recipes for integrations. 200+ integrations and apps help your teams work seamlessly, allowing your team to authenticate and get the exchange of data flowing quickly. 

However, is one of many tools to get the job done. Several alternatives offer similar features and functionality, including Atlassian. Atlassian products help teams work and collaborate to their full potential and specialise in easy communication and collaboration across projects and platforms. 

Atlassian's Confluence - a project management tool for enterprise organisations - is a good fit for large marketing teams. Its Enterprise plan offers unlimited sites and storage and is ideal for large projects with complex workflows. It seamlessly integrates with other Atlassian products, such as Jira Work Management and Trello.

Adaptavist can help you find the best fit when deciding which work management system suits your teams.


There is no one-size-fits-all package when implementing a work management solution; our process is a collaboration.

As a priority, before we build a configuration, we work together to align terms of process and data. We gather information, working with your teams—including partner, product, or solution marketing teams—to understand your day-to-day operations in-depth. Once we've established a common groundwork and agreed on a direction, we can build solutions to align your processes. Once we're aligned, we design the configuration. It's a collaborative process, and we only move forward to build once we have agreed on a blueprint.

The biggest pitfall—whether you're implementing Jira Work Management,, or any other tool—is that the tool alone can't fix problems. If you don't have your underlying processes and data aligned, any tool you put in place will fail; only build once you've secured the foundations. In addition, it's essential to have buy-in from your team members. Without it, you risk friction during the implementation process.

We're the business experts that can help you achieve your goals. No matter what platform you use, we know how teams work and can help improve their operations. Building the configuration will amplify a successful team if you've established underlying processes.

Get the most out of

Unleash the full potential of your work management tool with help from our experts. If you need support with configuration, we can build custom workflows, deliver process design or redesign, help with integration between tools and train your team to own the solution in the future.