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Migrating ScriptRunner for Jira from Server

Migrating ScriptRunner for Jira from Server


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    Alternative hosting options

    Your alternative hosting options for ScriptRunner for Jira are Cloud and Data Center. This page takes a look at the differences and which route might suit you best.

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    Feature comparison

    Everything the Server version of the app can do, the Data Center version can too.

    On Cloud, there are some notable differences, highlighted below.

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    We want your feedback on Behaviours

    Been waiting for Behaviours? Development is rolling and we want your feedback here!

Comparing Cloud functionality at-a-glance

Expand each feature below to see more details. Remember, some things work a little differently on Cloud, so we'd recommend taking a closer look at documentation to understand the differences if these features are critical for your processes.

  • There is ongoing development work with Atlassian to make this happen as a priority. We expect this to be available in alpha/beta in Summer 2022. If you'd like to give us feedback on what you need from this feature, please complete this short survey!

  • Implemented as JQL Keywords and Enhanced Search.

  • Details of differences available here.

  • Jira Cloud Conditions and Validators are achieved through the use of Jira Expressions.

  • Jira Cloud Conditions and Validators are achieved through the use of Jira Expressions.

  • Workflow postfunctions have been fully implemented on ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud.

  • Partially possible with Script Listeners and Scripted Fields. We continue to work with Atlassian for required access to deliver full feature.

  • We’re actively seeking further input into use cases: please reach out to us to discuss!

  • This is on our roadmap, currently in scoping. Please reach out to us to discuss!

We’re keen to hear from you about what you’d like to see on ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. You can upvote suggestions or submit your requests here.

For more specifics about how these features work in Cloud, please check out the ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud documentation or join our upcoming migration webinar to see a side-by-side demo of the Cloud and on-premise apps.

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Migration process: ScriptRunner from Jira Server to Cloud

There are two ways to migrate from ScriptRunner for Jira Server/Data Center to Cloud: manually, or using the Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistant.

Broadly speaking, the process is as follows:

  • Analyse the purpose of your scripts
  • Identify the equivalent feature in Cloud
  • Adjust your scripts to be Cloud-ready (explained below)

Full details and more possible gotchas for each method are outlined in the documentation below.

One of the biggest gotchas for migration is the rewriting of scripts. As mentioned in the ScriptRunner migration FAQs section, any migration from Server to Cloud requires some rewriting of your scripts. For instance, interactions with APIs will need to be replaced with calls to the appropriate REST APIs due to differences between Atlassian Cloud and Server infrastructure.

If the equivalent feature in Cloud for what you need does not exist yet, please let us know. We’re prioritising development based on feedback from you!

Migrating Jira

Migration process: ScriptRunner from Jira Server to Data Center

When it comes to migrating Jira on-premise, there are two main types of migration:

  • Non-clustered: this is as simple as updating your ScriptRunner for Jira license
  • Clustered: this also requires you to move your home directory to a shared location that all nodes can access

Full details of steps involved and potential gotchas to look out for can be found via the following link.

Migrating from Server to Data Center
Migration webinar

Stay in the loop

The best way to keep up to date on what’s happening with ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud is our ongoing webinar series. View previous sessions below and sign up for the next one!

Previous migration webinars

We ran this webinar back in June 2021. Please view the above on-demand webinar for the most up-to-date information!

Need help writing scripts for Cloud?

Don’t have the bandwidth to rewrite your scripts in-house? Whether it’s time restrictions, personnel changes or a lack of confidence holding you back, our scripting service can help get you up and running quicker.

  • Get production-ready scripts on demand
  • Available across ScriptRunner for Jira, Confluence, or Bitbucket
  • Available across Server, Data Center and Cloud

Our team of Groovy and ScriptRunner experts are here to help you make the most of ScriptRunner and get back to what you do best: on premise or on Cloud!

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