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ScriptRunner for Jira Server & Data Center
is the all-in-one app to unlock
the true potential of Jira Server & Data Center.

From out of the box and custom automations to enhanced search and JQL filters, ScriptRunner can do it all.

How ScriptRunner Accelerated Automation for SAP Fieldglass


External talent management company SAP Fieldglass needed to automate their tasks to save time and increase productivity. They knew ScriptRunner for Jira was the right tool for them. Krishnanand Nayak, QA Lead for SAP Fieldglass, explained that when it came to automation, ScriptRunner was popping up again and again as the go-to solution of choice.

Administer and keep track of your issues 

Automatically modify issues

Modify your issue after a certain time has elapsed, such as service level agreements.

Find out how ScriptRunners escalation services can help you.

Bulk Fix Resolution 

Change the resolution of all issues returned by a query, keeping boards and reports organised and accurate.

Learn how to automate your resolutions here.

Automate your Jira instance so you can save time

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Utilising Built-in Scripts

Automation is made easier with Built-in Scripts, also helping you save valuable time.

Take a look at this use case to understand how Built-in Scripts benefit you.

When Trigger Events Occur

Script Listeners trigger actions whenever an event takes place.

This demo video shows you how to automate emails being sent out when the notification system in Jira is triggered.

Customise your workflows and Jira experience

Keep your Jira in Check

Modify Forms, Fields and Issues to behave the way you want them to with ScriptRunner.

Understand how behaviours can help you achieve more with this Introduction to Behaviours video. 

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Go Further with Customisations 

Script Fragments allow you to add extra web items to Jira, such as menu items and buttons.

'Gotta Script'em All' is a handy step-by-step guide on how to create seamless integration links.

Extend your Jira to power up your daily tasks
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JQL Enhanced Searching

Feeling constrained by Jira's limited built-in search functionality? Struggling to locate parent/child issues or linked issues?

ScriptRunner Enhanced Search lets you write powerful search queries powered by JQL functions.

Edit Permissions 

REST Endpoints integrate external systems with your Jira instance.

Watch this demo video to find out how Script Edit Permissions allows you to limit script editing access for users and groups with Admin Permissions.

And much, much more!

SR4JC Console
Script Console

Use smart Code Insights in the Script Console to simplify the process of writing scripts.

Read our blog post to find out more.

SR4JC Integrations
Workflow Functions

Customise and extend your workflows using complex scripts to support or enforce your business processes.

Find out more with our documentation.

SR4JC Library
Adaptavist Library

A collection of ready made scripts providing functionality that will help you achieve more with your Adaptavist apps.

Visit the Adaptavist Library.

Transform your Jira with the ScriptRunner Browse Page


The ScriptRunner Browse Page for Server and Data Center makes it faster for you to find the vast features ScriptRunner has to offer by organising these features into four simple categories.  

 Find out more.



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