Scriptrunner icon white ScriptRunner for Jira

Automate, Customise, and Extend Jira

Part of the ScriptRunner family, ScriptRunner for Jira is the leading toolset for automating, customising and integrating Jira.

ScriptRunner for Jira is the most powerful and flexible tool for tailoring Jira to any team's needs, providing a full end-to-end customisation platform. It provides the framework for automating tedious Jira administration tasks, the ability to customise the look and feel of projects and workflows, and the functionality to enhance search via JQL functions.

ScriptRunner is the optimal choice for Solution Partners as it provides the technical framework to customise and scale, allowing Solution Partners to provide long-term value with custom scripts and build proprietary apps for their enterprise customers.

Why Choose ScriptRunner

  • The #1 rated automation app for Jira with over 18,000 installs
  • Built to support and scale from Small to Large Business with Enterprise grade engineering.
  • Compatible with Jira Software Jira Service Desk, and Portfolio for Jira 
  • Available in Server and Cloud


  • Easy interface and extensive feature set for rapid development of powerful functionality
  • Save resources by automating time-consuming Jira admin tasks
  • Customise the Jira interface and development workflow to your team's unique needs

ScriptRunner is a collection of powerful but easy-to-use workflow functions, JQL functions, listeners and services. Either augment the ones provided with Groovy, or write your own. You may never need to write your own Java plugin again.

Built-in Admin, Maintenance Scripts and JQL Functions

Use built-in scripts such as Switch User which lets you quickly login as another user and carry out tasks with those privileges, Copy a Project allows you clone any project including its issues, tasks and more with ease, save time with bulk fix resolutions to rapidly resolve issues at once, or view server log files to investigate infrastructure events in detail, enable a faster ITSM process using bulk copy SLAs and more! 

ScriptRunner for Jira includes a long list of extremely powerful JQL functions that are ready to use. For example, query for parent tasks on attributes of their subtasks, find all issues that are blocked by unresolved bugs.

Start Using Scripted Fields

Create your own calculated custom fields with Groovy, the simple scripting language. You may never need to learn Maven.

Define Custom Field Behaviours

The behaviours plugin allows an administrator to create one more or behaviours. A behaviour defines how fields behave for issues in a given project/issue context. Some examples of behaviours include:

  • Making a field mandatory depending on other data entered in to the form
  • Making a field read-only dependent on user role or group
  • Doing server-side validation of field data, before the form is submitted
  • Setting a field value dependent on other form data.