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ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud is the all-in-one app to unlock the true potential of Jira Cloud.

From out of the box and custom automations to enhanced search and JQL functions, ScriptRunner can do it all.

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If you’re used to ScriptRunner for Server and Data Center, things in Cloud are a little different.

Be sure to check out the differences, and if you're interested find out why they differ.

Customise your workflows and Jira experience

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Create powerful workflows

Want to create a sub-task or assign an issue to a user when an issue is transitioned?

Pick from ScriptRunner’s built-in Post Functions or run your own custom scriptthe possibilities are endless.

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Define custom automations 

Want to calculate a custom field when an issue is updated, or send a notification email when a priority field is changed?

With Script Listeners, automatically run scripts when over 40 events are triggered.

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Extend your Jira with Enhanced Search and JQL Functions
SR4JC Search screen

SR4JC Icons Search
JQL Functions 

Feeling constrained by Jira Cloud’s limited built-in search functionality? Struggling to locate parent/child issues or linked issues?

ScriptRunner Enhanced Search lets you write powerful search queries powered by JQL functions.

Automate your Jira to run tasks so you don't have to
SR4JC Icons Clock

Run on a schedule

Tired of manually creating a new issue every week and a new release at the end of each month?

ScriptRunner will run your scripts exactly when you want and store the results in the Execution History.

SR4JC Automate Cog SR4JC Icons Lightning

Run after an event

Want to automatically change the status of issues which have been opened for too long?

ScriptRunner’s escalation service lets you modify issues automatically after a certain amount of time has passed.

Administer your instance and keep track of your scripts
SR4JC Administer Stacked SR4JC History

Execution History

View script execution success rates as tables or charts with Execution History.

Audit Log

Monitor the logs of all ScriptRunner events that have occurred in your instance.

And much, much more!

SR4JC Console
Script Console

Write and test your Groovy scripts directly through ScriptRunner’s simple and intuitive Script Console.

SR4JC Integrations

Leverage REST Endpoints through ScriptRunner to integrate your Jira Cloud with external apps like Twitter, Trello, Salesforce or XMatters.

SR4JC Library

Save time by making use of ready-made scripts and code snippets from the Adaptavist Library.

Don't just take our word for it...

“ScriptRunner for Cloud helped us to configure quite complex automation we could not have done using other tools. I've been using ScriptRunner for Cloud for more than a year and […] this add-on always helps me out with a custom automation”
-Andrey K 

“Great plug in that provides a lot of powerful functionality out of the box”
-Sadiq S

SR4JC Reviews

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“Excellent customer service!! My Support Ticket request was handled in a very thorough and timely manner. Kristian and Jon were both very responsive and helpful and guided me in the right direction”
-Ryan S

“Very Useful plugin. The support team is excellent and helps out to solve any issue very steadily. Kristian did a fabulous job and solved my query efficiently”
-Priyanka K 


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