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Umbrella SSO FAQs

Frequently asked questions about what Umbrella SSO delivers and how to use it.

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General Product Specification

What Atlassian products does Umbrella SSO integrate with?

Umbrella SSO integrates with all Atlassian behind-the-firewall products, i.e. JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo and Fisheye/Crucible.

Does Umbrella SSO also work with JIRA Agile/Greenhopper and JIRA Service Desk?

Yes, Umbrella SSO integrates with JIRA. Which means that it also works with JIRA add-ons such as JIRA Agile and JIRA Service Desk.

Does Umbrella SSO provide cross-platform support, i.e. for Windows, Mac and Linux clients? As Umbrella SSO is a server-based application, the client platform does not affect how Umbrella SSO works. As long as the client uses an Atlassian supported web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari, then Umbrella SSO will work.

What is required in order to achieve true single sign-on with Umbrella SSO for my Atlassian toolset?

True single sign-on, i.e. log-on to desktop only, can be achieved where your browser supports desktop integration and therefore recognises that the user is already logged on to the network. To learn more, please contact us.

Technical Product Specification

Is Umbrella SSO based on Kerberos? If so, what flavours of Kerberos are supported?

Umbrella SSO product works with Kerberos, but is not based nor dependent on it. Umbrella SSO will integrate with any security protocol that your infrastructure supports.

Is it possible to use Umbrella with a SAML 2.0 service?

Yes. Umbrella SSO integrates with your existing infrastructure. SAML can be used with Apache web server and therefore it will work with Umbrella SSO.

We’re using Microsoft Active Directory for our corporate directory, is this compatible with Umbrella SSO?

Yes. Umbrella SSO can work with Kerberos or SAML with Windows AD. Your decision on which to use will be based upon the objectives of your organisation. Product Licensing and Pricing

My organisation uses JIRA and Confluence. Do we need to buy 2 licenses of Umbrella SSO?

Yes, Umbrella SSO is licensed per Atlassian product and you are required to obtain an Umbrella SSO license for each product instance. For larger numbers of instances the best option may be a site license of Umbrella SSO. To discuss your needs and specific pricing, please contact us.

What would the pricing for Umbrella SSO be?

The price of Umbrella SSO depends on the number of Atlassian instances and your related user tiers. Please contact us for a quote.

Does Umbrella SSO work with unlimited user license tiers?

Yes, Umbrella SSO works with all Atlassian license tiers and is priced accordingly.

Is it possible to use multiple standalone instances of JIRA with a single Umbrella SSO license?

If an organisation has 2 instances of JIRA, then you would need 2 licenses of Umbrella SSO, matching your JIRA license tiers.

Does Adaptavist provide a free license for Umbrella SSO to Community and Non-Profit users?

For Non-Profit and Community users, it is necessary to purchase product support. The cost is 50% of a first year license price. The product license is then provided for free. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

Product Evaluation and Demonstration

Where can I obtain a trial license for Umbrella SSO?

In order to obtain a trial license of Umbrella SSO, please contact us.

Is it possible to get a customised demonstration of Umbrella SSO? Yes, Adaptavist can set up a customised Umbrella SSO product demo on a bespoke basis. To discuss your needs, please contact us.

Product Deployment and Configuration

Can Adaptavist help us to deploy Umbrella SSO in our organisation?

Yes, Adaptavist can help your organisation to deploy Umbrella SSO, deliver complete implementation or provide technical consultancy resource that covers only chosen aspects of the delivery. To discuss your needs in more details, please contact us.

Is it mandatory to purchase consultancy time alongside Umbrella SSO license? Can we install Umbrella SSO by ourselves?

While Umbrella SSO is an integration product that can be seamlessly deployed in your existing infrastructure, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the target environment. How well the infrastructure is known and understood will determine the recommended level of consultancy. Moreover the technology ownership that Umbrella SSO integrates with is often spread over multiple departments within the organisation. Adaptavist can bridge those gaps, manage the deployment or provide technical consultancy resource that covers only chosen aspects of the delivery. To discuss your circumstances, please contact us.

What has to happen on the client computer to enable Umbrella SSO?

Umbrella SSO is a server-side solution and therefore no additional configuration is required on the client computer.

Is it possible to use Umbrella SSO and still use Atlassian Crowd for user management?

Yes, Umbrella SSO is the authentication system and as such replaces the Crowd SSO but not any of Crowds other features. It is worth to mention that Umbrella SSO enables multi-domain single sign-on capabilities, which is not achievable with Crowd SSO.

Is the session time-out configurable within Umbrella SSO?

The session time-out is configured within the application and is not affected by Umbrella SSO.

Can Umbrella SSO be easily adapted to authenticate under an enterprise portal such as WebSphere?

If Apache web server can authenticate, then Umbrella SSO can be used

Is it mandatory to use a separate Apache web server for Umbrella SSO?

No. An Apache server is required but a dedicated Apache server is not required. Umbrella SSO can be co-located on an existing Apache instance.

Product Support & Security Compliance

What type of support is provided for Umbrella SSO product?

Standard Product Support is a default level of support for Umbrella SSO that gives you access to product updates, technical documentation and user guides. It is possible to extend the level of support with our Premium Product Support package. To learn more about different levels of Adaptavist Product Support, please contact us.

Is it required to upgrade Umbrella SSO together with Atlassian products releases in order to provide compatibility and working solution?

The Atlassian security framework, on which Umbrella SSO is based, does not change very often. As and when there are changes in an Atlassian product that affects the functionality of Umbrella SSO, we will update the product which will be available to supported customers.

If there is an issue with a production implementation of Umbrella SSO, can the authentication be rolled back seamlessly to the old or default method?

Yes, if Umbrella SSO fails or the authentication token is not present then it reverts to your standard application authentication.

Would there be any possibility to trap username and passwords in plain text via HTTP?

Umbrella SSO does not make use of, or transmit, user passwords at all therefore no additional risk in introduced. We would always recommend the use of SSL (HTTPS) during the logon phase.