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Workflow Steps
for Jira

Seamlessly integrate and automate Jira actions into your Slack workflows.

Available for Jira Server and Data Center. Coming soon for Cloud.

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Automate common Jira interactions without leaving Slack.

Using Slack’s code-free Workflow Builder, anyone can create bespoke human and event-driven workflows that integrate with Jira.

The Workflow Steps for Jira app helps you create and update your Jira issues from Slack, automatically and easily.

Accelerate and automate your Jira interactions without switching apps, what’s more, it can integrate with as many Jira instances as you need.

Automate common Jira interactions without leaving Slack.

The benefits of Workflow Steps for Jira



Increased Productivity

All In Slack

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Suitable for all teams, developers to non-coders.

Workflow Steps for Jira complements Slack’s Workflow Builder, launched to allow everyday users to create their own integrations and automations, without coding knowledge.

Helping you to orchestrate and accelerate projects in Jira, with its user-friendly interface. Anyone can feel empowered to create quick fixes and automations, helping foster collaboration and efficiency.

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