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Everyday Toolkit

Everyday Toolkit

Do more in Slack. Find. Calculate. Generate.

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Do more in Slack.
Find. Calculate. Generate.

Everyday Toolkit for Slack

Employees switch between job-critical applications more than 1,000 times every day.

Research has shown that switching between apps makes it harder to get essential work done. And yet, most people waste over half an hour each day switching between tools.


Reduce context-switching. Save time. All with Slack.

Everyday Toolkit is a collection of micro-apps for Slack that saves you time and reduces context-switching by letting you complete everyday tasks like finding images or word definitions, calculating currency conversions, or generating passwords without ever leaving Slack.

Reduce context-switching. Save time. All with Slack.
12 productivity micro-apps.

12 productivity micro-apps.

Find: Find the content and info you need in Slack. Talking about an app and want to share what it looks like? Find an image with Google and share it in the chat without leaving Slack.

Calculate: Need to convert dollars to euros or miles to kilometres? Want to know what time it is in Tokyo? Why waste time switching apps and finding a tool online, when you can just do it in Slack?

Generate: Need filler text for some page mockups, or a fresh password for a new app? Slack's already open, you're one slash command away from what you need.


Time-saving for every team.

Content teams now have a dictionary and thesaurus at their disposal in Slack, while Finance and Sales teams can now convert currencies and work with percentages in their team channels, and Development teams can generate placeholder text and passwords on the fly.

Time is money. Save time and increase your team's productivity by giving them the tools they need where their eyes are already: in Slack.

Time-saving for every team.

From global enterprises...

Facilitate collaboration for geographically distributed teams with apps to help overcome regional differences such as time zones, currencies and units.

To small teams and individuals!

Increase productivity for individuals regardless of role with apps to solve universal challenges such as defining words, calculating percentages and looking up images.

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