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ScriptRunner  for Confluence

for Confluence

Market-leading admin solution for managing Confluence at scale

Available on Cloud, Server and Data Center

Market-leading admin solution for managing Confluence at scale

ScriptRunner for Confluence

Automate work, keep your instance tidy, and extend Confluence capabilities

Gain the power and flexibility to make Confluence fit the complex processes of your organisation.

Work faster and smarter by automating time-consuming admin tasks, managing content in bulk, and extending Confluence’s functionality with improved user experience and seamless integration with other software.



ScriptRunner's powerful functionality helps you reduce the number of apps in your instance.



Work more efficiently by accessing a vast array of easy-to-use, code-free features that solve most common admin needs.



Create advanced processes, macros and automations tailored to your business by writing Groovy scripts.



Avoid wasting resources writing and maintaining your own plugins.


No more tedious admin tasks!

Automate any time-consuming or repetitive action by running scripts on schedule, on-demand, or triggered by events.

  • Troubleshooting becomes easier when you can assume the identity of another user or access important log info with one click.
  • Select content based on your very specific criteria and action it automatically.
  • Trigger content creation from templates - eg generating a new Jira project when a Confluence space is created.

Safely delegate control to Space Admins

ScriptRunner offers you the option to give Space Admins access to no-code features that are safe to use. They can mass-manage content inside their own spaces so you can free up precious time in your workday.

Safely delegate control to Space Admins
"One of the things I really like about ScriptRunner is its focus on administration and adding macro functionality - system, space and user. As the developer/SysAdmin, I'm always needing more tools to comply with our company requirements. With Atlassian's API a bit lacking still, we all need all the help we can get. Not only does this plugin give you canned usable system and user functions, but it also gives you the ability to create virtually any macro you might want or need."
Steve Hadfield

Automate. Manage at Scale. Extend.

With ScriptRunner for Confluence
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