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Automate and control your DevOps workflow with the most powerful admin app for Bitbucket

Available on Server and Data Center

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One app to enforce best practices, automate workflows, and integrate your development toolchain

Gain superpowers in Bitbucket with the power of Groovy scripting.

Anything is possible, from complex best practice and compliance enforcement, to process and reporting automation, close integration with other DevOps tools, and modifying the user interface.

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Create advanced processes tailored to your development lifecycle.

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Save time with over 40 easy-to-set-up code-free features that address your most common needs.

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Save money with one app that covers the functionality of dozens of other plugins.

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Forget about writing and maintaining your own plugins, run Groovy scripts that just work instead.

ScriptRunner will help you completely transform the way you work with Bitbucket


Shave time off tedious tasks

Automate any action you can think of with scripts that run once, on schedule, or in response to an event.

  • Automate repository creation from templates.
  • Deactivate users in bulk or delete orphaned personal repositories on schedule.
  • Generate reports and send them to the right person to be actioned - e.g daily summaries of all pull requests merged in a project.
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Keep repo size under control with smart reporting

When your devs push code in Bitbucket, large repositories can drastically increase checkout operation time and space requirements. ScriptRunner offers a few solutions to stay on top of your space usage.

  • View and export a complete report of all your repository sizes by project with just one click.
  • Receive alerts on schedule when repositories exceed a particular size, so you can take action before problems appear.
  • Go one step further and prevent large files pushes from happening in the first place with pre-hooks.
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ScriptRunner for Bitbucket powers the most innovative companies, from Fortune 500s to up and coming start-ups.

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"This is a must-have extension for Bitbucket. This plugin basically allows you to script BB however you want, without the huge learning step of learning java / maven / etc. The plugin is very well integrated with BB, has a clean UI, tons of example scripts, excellent documentation, and supports all BB versions. Working with the internal code editor (with static analysis) is a huge time saver too. Don't look further."
Aurélien Vallée
Atlassian Marketplace

Automate. Enforce. Integrate. Report. With ScriptRunner for Bitbucket.