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Amplify collaboration in Confluence with data forms

Whether you want to run a survey, collect new ideas, or create a poll, Forms for Confluence helps you do all that and more.

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Create fillable forms for data collection. It’s quick and secure

Love collaborating in Confluence? Take it further with Forms for Confluence, the app that allows you to craft beautiful forms using simple Confluence macros. Get answers to your questions, gather information for a new project, or make informed decisions quickly - all through simple form submissions. 

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Discover some of the most popular use cases for Forms for Confluence

Our guide adds context and shows you how you can implement Forms for Confluence in your business.

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"Forms for Confluence has been huge in helping us solve a major problem around information security engagement at Domino's. Love this app and I don't know what we would do without it."
Michael Sheppard, Sr. Application Security Engineer

Your hosting options: Cloud, Server or Data Center

No matter where you host your Confluence, we’ve got you covered. Forms for Confluence is available on Server, Data Center and Cloud, which means that every Confluence user can enjoy the power of forms. Whatever version you use, you’ll enjoy an easy-to-use interface, powerful Confluence macros to enhance your forms, and the ability to safely store responses right within Confluence.

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Find out how to create forms in Confluence Cloud

Ready to get started? Read more about how to build forms and enhance Confluence’s collaboration capabilities.

Learn how to use Confluence to improve enterprise collaboration

Our guide shows you how