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Enhance your Jira security by protecting your most sensitive fields and attachments

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Why use Encryption for Jira?

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Secure sensitive data

Help protect your organisation against (internal and external) data breaches and their associated negative reputational and financial consequences.

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Gain peace of mind

Encryption for Jira gives you peace of mind that you have taken the necessary steps to secure your Jira data.

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Save time

Save time by easily encrypting your data with only a few clicks.

Protect your data at its source

Jira’s out-of-the-box permissions protect your information from unwanted access on the front end. However, in the backend file systems and databases, your data could easily be exposed and abused.

Through AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption technology, Encryption for Jira ensures your data is securely encrypted, making it significantly more difficult for unwanted users to access.

Secure your data at its source


Encrypting attachments




Annual price

Up to 10

USD 20


USD 660


USD 1,260


USD 1,800

Data Center


Annual price

Up to 50

USD 1,260


USD 1,800


USD 3,000


USD 4,500

Encryption for Jira in action

Here are a few ways in which Encryption for Jira can be used.

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    Keep sensitive employee data secure:

    a Human Resources Jira instance may contain sensitive salary details stored in a text field. Use Encryption for Jira’s Encrypted Custom Field to secure this information in the database.

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    Stay GDPR compliant:

    organisations such as healthcare companies are able to protect sensitive patient information in their Jira system by encrypting it in their databases and file systems.

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    Reduce the impact of hacking attacks:

    by protecting information in your database, if unwanted users break through your firewall they will not be able to read your encrypted sensitive information

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    Avoid unwanted admin access:

    certain database/file system admins will have access to all company data. There may be more junior admins or even external/outsourced admins who you would not wish to have access to this data. E4J allows you to restrict access to only those with the encryption key.

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    Control exactly what is encrypted:

    if you only need to protect certain projects, you can encrypt attachments at a project level only. Perhaps when storing information related to a client who has requested you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

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