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Content Formatting Macros 
for Confluence

Create visually appealing, well structured and easily consumed content in Confluence

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Use cases and features

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Structuring and navigation

A well structured page in Confluence is a great way to improve how readers navigate around and easily consume your content. Content Formatting Macros has a great range of macros and features that allow you to do just that.

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External content in real time

Whether it's a website or a Google doc, it can be viewed in real time inside your Confluence pages so users don't waste time navigating away. With the iFrame Macro you can embed and view live external web pages right inside your Confluence page.

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Custom look and feel

Content Formatting Macros allow you to customise the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of your pages in Confluence.

  • Max Foerster on 30/11/2019
    A very useful set of macros to enhance your Confluence content. I love to play around with it to find new ways to make content more appealing to users.
  • Javier Fernandez Sainz on 07/11/2019
    This macro is really good. You have to spend some time to get familiar with it but after this, you realize it is actually powerful. When you can change the background color, add buttons, change the font and the size of the text and add tabs you can transform a boring wiki page into an authentic web page. Awesome!
  • Poorvi Jhawar on 04/11/2019
    I'm big on content formating and this macro is a perfect fit for me. It is the ultimate macro your confluence perhaps needs.
  • Bhrein Brannick on 19/06/2018
    I use two of the company offerings i.e. "Div" and "Tabs" to propagate content to confluence in an automated way via confluence rest APIs. Initially I had some confusion getting this working but I posted a question to the support desk and they provided guidance on how to solve my use case, which now works like a charm. Overall, the support was great and the product offerings are very good too.
  • Laurent Corbière on 09/03/2018
    This is the way to enhance your Confluence use. Great plugin with great support. Thx :)
  • Eric Southers on 09/11/2017
    Great addon! We use a few of the macros (progress bar, tabs, footnotes) for our customer documentation. Also, the support is quick to address any issues that are found.
  • Daniel Smith on 12/07/2017
    This is a really powerful macro that is helping us take our Confluence instance to a much higher level! What's more the support and care offered by the Adaptavist team is second to none. We recently raised a bug with the team and it was addressed professionally and, more importantly, quickly! Other plugin suppliers could learn alot from the Adaptavist way! Highly recommend!
  • Info Dev on 07/07/2017
    good macro indeed, helped us a lot to build our site

Available on Confluence Cloud

Content Formatting Macros are now available on Confluence Cloud. Users can benefit from a simplified new editor, higher performance and improved user interface.

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Pricing table


Annual price per tier

Up to 10

USD 10


USD 240


USD 400


USD 750

Data Center


Annual price per tier

Up to 500

USD 1,200


USD 2,400


USD 4,800


USD 5,400



Monthly price per user

Up to 10

USD 5.00


USD 2.00


USD 1.00


USD 0.50