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Community Forums 
for Confluence

Create forums in Confluence: boost collaboration and engagement on topics that matter to you

Available on Server, Data Center and Cloud

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What’s Community Forums for Confluence?

Community Forums lets you add forums directly into your Confluence pages so your teams can communicate and collaborate on any chosen topic. Creating a forum is easy, thanks to the Forum blueprint template.

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With Community Forums you can:

Create forums to seamlessly facilitate company-wide discussions between teams on projects or trending topics

Make new forums in seconds using our easy-to-use blueprint tool

Easily track engagement metrics to stay on top of what’s going on in your forums

Ensure the most important content never gets missed by pinning it to the top of a forum

Make sure you’re always up-to-date on the latest forum activity with pop-up notifications

Customize your forum so information is displayed neatly and clearly

Make complex topics more digestible by splitting large topics into sub-topics.

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Available on Cloud

Forums for Confluence is available on Confluence Cloud. Users can benefit from a simplified new editor, higher performance and improved UI/UX.