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ThemeBuilder panels as used in the ROOT skin.

See Skin Editor - Panels for more details on this view.

In the ROOT skin the panels outside of the core list (dashboard, flaglogic and main)  show as customised. When you copy ROOT skin to create another skin, these panels will show in the new skin as inherited until you make changes, and then they will show in the customised panel list. See Skin Hierarchy for more on this.

Contents of each page/view in ROOT skin

The main panel is the top level container for all other panels. It is the one panel that must be there for any content to appear in a page.

The flaglogic panel is automatically included.


Main Panel
panelheaderheader  header
confluence content(page.ia-sidebar)    
panel or confluence contentcontentcontent(dashboard macros)(content-body)content
confluence contentpage.footerpage.footer  page.footer