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ThemeBuilder has seven screens to help you build and maintain your theme.

Each heading is a link to more information:

  • Backup (and Restore)

    On the Backup screen you can create a downloadable zip file that contains everything you need to restore or move a theme.
  • Edit Skins

    A Skin is the individual theme that you apply to your site. ThemeBuilder can manage several Skins and each can be applied globally or at space level.
  • Editor Permissions

    Set the permissions by group for editing Skins, and accessing advanced options such as JavaScript and CSS.
  • Manage Spaces

    Apply any Skin to an individual space, overriding what has been set at the global level.
  • Root Space Order

    ThemeBuilder can simulate nested spaces in Confluence. Root Space Order lets you set the preferred hierarchy of those spaces.
  • Select Global Skin

    Set the default Skin that is used when ThemeBuilder is applied to a space.
  • Standard Skin

    Set the default Skin that is used for Spaces and Personal Spaces when ThemeBuilder is applied as Confluence’s default theme in Look and Feel > Themes.
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